Monday, 29 November 2010

Kiss My Shrinking Ass!

I THINK I'm ready to move onto week 2 of C25K.  I've done week 1 three times now over the last 9 days at a 1(%?) incline as suggested, and today it was pretty comfortable.  There are some days where I have to constantly convince myself to keep going during a workout.  Some days it's still miserable and all I want to do is quit.  Luckily though, the more exercise I do, the more reasons I have to keep going- so it's not often that I give up on a workout anymore.  But, some days are still better than others.  Anyway, today's C25K was almost over before I started watching the I s'pose I'd better move to week 2.

I'm a little nervous though.  Just like I was nervous to start the program to begin with.  Just like I am nervous when I try just about any new kind of activity.  Failing about 75% of the time for the past 26 years at exercise-related activities does not make it easy to feel confident in this area.  Yes, for the past year, I've managed to bring my average up a bit, it's true.  And that is how I know that it's mostly in my mind.  My body really isn't as old and decrepit and useless as the lazy-loving part of my mind would like for me to believe.  I've come to realize that the real effort of activity for me goes into what WW's calls "Self-talk." 

The doubtful talk rolls in pretty quickly when I know I should be pushing harder or switching it up.  It would be so easy for me to get comfortable in an activity, but I know the only way to gain fitness is to continue to push my body (safely) to work harder.  Today lazy-loving brain is saying, "Am I really ready to go harder?  I mean, I feel like this level just got easier!?"  "Can I really run more?"  "Am I still too fat for this?"  "I could hurt myself."  "What if I still have a cold?"  "Next run would be Wednesday.  Why should I push harder in the middle of the week?  I'll have to work all day and then run!  I'll be too tired."  And so you see, some times it's easy to get wrapped up in a defeatist attitude and quit before I even get started.

But this week, I'm not havin' it.  Lazy-lover can kiss my shrinking ass!  This Friday I'm leaving to visit my sister out of state.  Last time I saw her was in January, when I had just started WW and was about 20lbs lost.  I'm really hoping to be able to say I've lost ONE HUNDRED lbs when I see her!  I know 4lbs (3.6, really) is a lot to lose in one week.  But it has been done.  In fact, I've done it before a few times this year.  So, I'm going to continue on 2-a-day workouts this week with my fingers crossed.

Here's a picture of me (left) about 80lbs heavier last January with my sister:

Hope to have lots of good "after" pics to show you! 
Get off yer ass and WORK FOR IT!!
...This has been a See C. Evolve public service announcement. =o)

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Evolution of Fruit by the Foot

5 followers overnight!  WHooo!!  So glad you're here!  Seems like a good time to bare my ass soul, right?

Okay, I wont lie, one thing that has not changed over this past year is my LUST for food on a stick.  It makes me squeal and jump and clap with delight really happy.

Corndogs, hotdogs, chicken, twinkies, cotton candy, candy apples, chocolate-covered bananas, ice cream, lollipops...whatever...jam a stick up it's butt and I AM SOLD!  Unfortunately, convenient carrying mechanism or not, those foods do not love me. 

So here's to the EVOLUTION of C. and my new version of "fruit by the foot."
Come on!!  You know you want one!!  Strawberry, banana, kiwi, cantaloupe, grapes!  It was awesome!! 

Lots of fruit in the house because at my WW meeting today my leader was giving us a few teasers about the new "Points Plus" program that rolls out tomorrow.  Apparently, all fruits are going to be ZERO points and I am STOKED!! 

At weigh in this morning I was down 3.4lbs from last week thanks to two-a-day workouts for the week leading up to Thanksgiving!  WHOOP!!  That's a total of 96.4lbs lost this past year and I am proud of every damn tenth!  Hoping to reach 100lbs lost by the end of December. 

I've been dreaming of ways to celebrate 100lbs gone.  It's a huge deal to me.  I never dared to imagine what being 100lbs lighter would feel like and now that I'm almost there I'm in shock!!  I know that when I've reached my goal weight I have plans for a new tattoo.  But, I need your help on figuring out how to celebrate 100lbs gone.  Not a food party obviously, that would be counter productive...but...something special...

Help me out!?

Friday, 26 November 2010

Dream it into Reality

I had a dream last night.  I have dreams just about every night, so I try not to make too big of a deal out of them.  And this one was probably a turkey and NyQuil induced dream (yes, I have succumbed to NyQuil for my cold, you CANNOT mess with my sleep).  And with that, before we go any must see this...

Alright...sorry.  Just a brief post intermission there.  At any rate, generally when I have dreams I wake up from them with a giggle thinking "Oh my, what silly-ness."  But this morning when I awoke my thought was, "Wow, I must really want to do this."  "Can I do this?  Would it be possible?" 

My dream was about running in a race.  I was in the town I spent my high school years in running a race from one end of town, over the toll bridge and into the adjoining city.  I didn't win or anything, but that wasn't really the point.  The point was that I did finish and I wasn't last...

I've never been a "runner" before.  In fact, if you're curious, remind me to tell you about the time the gym teacher called my mother in elementary school because I REFUSED to run even ONE step of "the mile" for my fitness test.  Anyway, I've done some water jogging in water aerobics, some above-ground jogging to keep my heart rate up between sets at Curves and now beginning with C25k, I'm starting to see it as a possibility.  In fact, I think I'm going to dream it into reality.  If I'm taking the training, I might as well attempt to also reap the end rewards?  Right?  Right!  I'm going to begin researching upcoming 5k's... 

This isn't the NyQuil talking?  Is it?  ?:-/

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving...Dammit...

Well...dammit.  I have a cold.  ...and I'm pissed off about it.  (In case you hadn't gathered that.)

This is the first time I've been "sick" this year which is kind of amazing considering that before I started living a healthy lifestyle it wasn't uncommon for me to be sick with any kind of "bug" 4-5 times in a year.  I thought "healthy people" didn't get sick?  ...Dammit...

I guess it's all relative, I do spend around 25 hours a week with primary school children.  Which is where I earned and how I recieved my favorite mug...

Ahh...I suppose I can't be too angry with their sweet, germy little kisses and hugs...  And, to be completely honest, this is a very MILD cold compared to what I remember the last one being.  The last cold I had (again, this was OVER a year ago) I was still smoking a pack-a-day and and eating fake food on the regular.  Which meant I couldn't breathe through my nose and the sounds that came when I would breathe through my mouth was this horrible, deathly wheeze that ended in an even more disturbing tuberculosis-esque cough.  I remember it lasted almost two weeks before I felt "normal" again.  And, that's not saying much since I now know that my "normal" back then was still REALLY unhealthy and pathetic.  This time though, I've just got a dry throat, a runny nose, and a morning headache to contend with...

I got on the internet to see what kind of homeopathic remedies there were for the kind of cold symptoms I'm experiencing.  That's what all you healthy people do, right?  ...I dunno...  I kinda like the idea of letting my immune system get a bit of a work out without flooding it full of symptom-supressing OTC cold medicine.  Especially since this cold really is very mild and the children are out of town with family for the week, so it's not even like I have to go to work feeling crappy.  But, maybe some au'natural herbal suppliment to help pass the worst of this cold before Thanksgiving sounded like a good plan. 

That all went right out the window though...because who the hell knows where to get "ferrum phosphoricum?"  Going to have to do some more research to be ready for next time, I suppose.  Until then, I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing; listening to my body, mild exercise, lots of fresh air, avoid dairy, extra handwashing, switch to a new toothbrush...oh, and probably drink my meals today...

I won't be too grumpy over it.  To be comepletely honest, I'm so thankful for my "new" body.  For many years I thought that it had given up on me but I now se that I had given up on it.  I hope you all have a VERY WONDERFUL, MAGICAL, UN-SICK, Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Story of My...Year

Hello blog world, so nice of you to join me here.  My name is Cole.  I'd tell you my life story, but it doesn't really matter seeing as it's really only in the past year or so that I've managed to figure out  I think the truth of it is that for the better half of my teenage years and early twenties I was stagnant.  Well, that's not true, I did accomplish meeting my husband, convincing him to marry me, and moving out into the world on our own.  I even managed to pick up a career I love along the way.  But, as far as real, personal growth goes- I really hadn't changed much.  Last Thanksgiving though, almost one year ago, something happened and it all changed. 

Last Thanksgiving I was a pack-a-day smoker, a drive-thru diva, a couch potato...

It must have been some kind of holiday magic that had me sobbing my eyes out over a huge plate of holiday food, adding salt to my gravy while my mountain of mashed potatoes endured a hurricane of tears.  You see, dinner was buffet-style, so I had gone and gotten my food and brought it to the table only to realize that my plate had to be at least three times as full as my healthy weight family members'.  I was just about to make a comment about how I couldn't wait for "seconds" when this realization struck me.  It was that meal that made me understand that while I loved my life, my family, my husband, my job...I did NOT love me.  I was 319lbs of hopeless sorrow and depression with a nasty smokers cough all stuffed into my 5'7" frame.  My voice caught in my throat and what came out instead sounded something like a pooping whale.  And the torrent of tears came forth...

December 6th, 2009 I started Weight Watchers AND quit smoking cold turkey.  I joined the aquatic center and fell in love with water aerobics, then spring came and I fell in love with biking, then fall came and I joined Curves gym.  This week, 93lbs less than I was last Thanksgiving, I began C25k.

I had a weight loss blog before called Phat Nanny...some of you may be following me from there.  But, what I've learned most about this year was not about weight loss, though I know more now that I ever did before.  What I've really learned the most about this past year  I'm learning that all those things I thought that only certain people could do (maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle) in actuality I can do too.  Not only CAN I do it, but I like doing it.  So that's what I'm gonna keep doing.  I'm going to keep tweaking, changing, tightening my muscles and loosening my grip on the ridiculous case of "I can't" I've been holding on to.  I am going to keep evolving.  So come watch...see C. might just find out that you've got some evolving to do too. :)