Saturday, 27 November 2010

Evolution of Fruit by the Foot

5 followers overnight!  WHooo!!  So glad you're here!  Seems like a good time to bare my ass soul, right?

Okay, I wont lie, one thing that has not changed over this past year is my LUST for food on a stick.  It makes me squeal and jump and clap with delight really happy.

Corndogs, hotdogs, chicken, twinkies, cotton candy, candy apples, chocolate-covered bananas, ice cream, lollipops...whatever...jam a stick up it's butt and I AM SOLD!  Unfortunately, convenient carrying mechanism or not, those foods do not love me. 

So here's to the EVOLUTION of C. and my new version of "fruit by the foot."
Come on!!  You know you want one!!  Strawberry, banana, kiwi, cantaloupe, grapes!  It was awesome!! 

Lots of fruit in the house because at my WW meeting today my leader was giving us a few teasers about the new "Points Plus" program that rolls out tomorrow.  Apparently, all fruits are going to be ZERO points and I am STOKED!! 

At weigh in this morning I was down 3.4lbs from last week thanks to two-a-day workouts for the week leading up to Thanksgiving!  WHOOP!!  That's a total of 96.4lbs lost this past year and I am proud of every damn tenth!  Hoping to reach 100lbs lost by the end of December. 

I've been dreaming of ways to celebrate 100lbs gone.  It's a huge deal to me.  I never dared to imagine what being 100lbs lighter would feel like and now that I'm almost there I'm in shock!!  I know that when I've reached my goal weight I have plans for a new tattoo.  But, I need your help on figuring out how to celebrate 100lbs gone.  Not a food party obviously, that would be counter productive...but...something special...

Help me out!?

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  1. I am following weight watchers as well, and the plan rolls out here in Canada a week from today. Looking forward to it!


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