Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving...Dammit...

Well...dammit.  I have a cold.  ...and I'm pissed off about it.  (In case you hadn't gathered that.)

This is the first time I've been "sick" this year which is kind of amazing considering that before I started living a healthy lifestyle it wasn't uncommon for me to be sick with any kind of "bug" 4-5 times in a year.  I thought "healthy people" didn't get sick?  ...Dammit...

I guess it's all relative, I do spend around 25 hours a week with primary school children.  Which is where I earned and how I recieved my favorite mug...

Ahh...I suppose I can't be too angry with their sweet, germy little kisses and hugs...  And, to be completely honest, this is a very MILD cold compared to what I remember the last one being.  The last cold I had (again, this was OVER a year ago) I was still smoking a pack-a-day and and eating fake food on the regular.  Which meant I couldn't breathe through my nose and the sounds that came when I would breathe through my mouth was this horrible, deathly wheeze that ended in an even more disturbing tuberculosis-esque cough.  I remember it lasted almost two weeks before I felt "normal" again.  And, that's not saying much since I now know that my "normal" back then was still REALLY unhealthy and pathetic.  This time though, I've just got a dry throat, a runny nose, and a morning headache to contend with...

I got on the internet to see what kind of homeopathic remedies there were for the kind of cold symptoms I'm experiencing.  That's what all you healthy people do, right?  ...I dunno...  I kinda like the idea of letting my immune system get a bit of a work out without flooding it full of symptom-supressing OTC cold medicine.  Especially since this cold really is very mild and the children are out of town with family for the week, so it's not even like I have to go to work feeling crappy.  But, maybe some au'natural herbal suppliment to help pass the worst of this cold before Thanksgiving sounded like a good plan. 

That all went right out the window though...because who the hell knows where to get "ferrum phosphoricum?"  Going to have to do some more research to be ready for next time, I suppose.  Until then, I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing; listening to my body, mild exercise, lots of fresh air, avoid dairy, extra handwashing, switch to a new toothbrush...oh, and probably drink my meals today...

I won't be too grumpy over it.  To be comepletely honest, I'm so thankful for my "new" body.  For many years I thought that it had given up on me but I now se that I had given up on it.  I hope you all have a VERY WONDERFUL, MAGICAL, UN-SICK, Happy Thanksgiving! :)


  1. I love the post Thanks for stopping by! Being sick on Thanksgiving does suck. Wow, your weight loss thus far has been amazing and your looking good! And kudos to your for not smoking anymore. I am not a smoker but I heard it was hard to quit. You deserve a medal for not smoking.

  2. well aren't you working it like a rockstar of awesomeness?? congrats on your uber success. hope you made the best day of it anyway! feel better! - Kirsten

  3. I followed you over from RNTG's blog. I will be following you from here on out. That is, if you survive this cold.


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