Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Thank you all for your help!  The whole crisis was averted when we picked a different restaurant- "Roly Poly."  I think they're a chain restaurant on a much smaller scale than most others.  Do you have one near you?  If not, I'm SOOOO sorry!  If you do, then have a #7 French Twist for me!:)  Roly Poly has a LOT more vegetarian options with much better ingrediants than Subway.  And a good sized list of lower calorie options, so it fit easily into my diet.  I was excited to eat their food!  I'm not trying to endorse or anything, just my humble opinion. 

Anyway, beyond the food aspect of my day, I had a great time with the kids' at our holiday event.  It's wonderful getting to watch Christmas from a child's perspective.  Everything is so magical!  I got lots of compliments from the mothers' about my weight loss.  And, I even got in some exercise playing freeze tag with a gaggle of 3-5 year olds while wearing a 25lbs 6 month old. :) 

Tomorrow is cookie making and decoarting with "my" 5 year old.  And, funny enough, I'll probably be wearing the 30lbs'er again:)  Luckily, I take my job very seriously, and I often talk to her about proper nutrition.  Tomorrow as we decorate I'm going to talk to her about "moderation" and what that means.  While she eats a relatively healthy diet, she does tend to get stuck on her "favorites."  So we will talk about why it is important to eat every color in the rainbow (a lesson plan from two weeks ago) in fruits and vegetables, and everything else should be in "moderation."

Thanks for your help!


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