Sunday, 12 December 2010

Close, but no cigar! (Just cookies)

Weight in was yesterday...but I missed the 100lb mark by 0.2 of a pound.  *gag*  I would have taken my jeans off if the room hadn't had a whole wall of windows showing out to the busy strip mall. LOL  Oh well- next week for sure.  I am kinda bummed though because my mom (who usually comes to the meetings with me) and my meeting leader will be out of town next Saturday.  So, even though I'm sure I'll hit my goal...I won't get to really share it with the two people who have given me the most support.  I'm thinking of bringing them flowers or something when I can, just for being so wonderful and helpful to me this past year.  I really couldn't have done it without them.  Unfortunately, the major holidays end up on Saturdays for the next two weeks after that, so I won't even get to go to my regular meetings.  I'm sad about it.  And a bit anxious.  I think I'll have to go to that "outskirts of town" meeting again. 

Anyway, yesterday was a fun evening of pizza and hot wings (in moderation, of course) and decorating Christmas cookies with my whole family.  (Sorry the picture isn't fabulous, but it's about living in the moment, really!)  Today with be more cookie decorating with my husband and maybe a matinee showing of the new Narnia in 3D!

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  1. Maybe if you'd just breathed out hard enough??

    Your near miss reminds me of an exchange I had with my husband a while back. We were about to leave for our WW meeting, and he poured himself a glass of water. I cautioned him against that: "Water weighs half a pound a glass." He drank it anyway, declaring that losing weight meant behaving naturally. I countered with "Yes, but you wouldn't put a half-pound weight in your pocket right before you weighed in. Why not just have that drink in 20 minutes, after weigh-in?"

    That week, he'd gained half a pound over the week before. (Neener, neener, neeeener...) :) I didn't say "I told you so", because I am a Nice Person.

    One hundred pounds! Wow! That's a heck of a milestone!!!


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