Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Usually when I get to work, I walk in and put my things away and go to the kitchen to speak with the children's mother for a moment, take over the baby, and meet "my" 5-year-old (5YO) at the breakfast table.  Not this morning.  This morning when I got to work (5YO's house), she met on the garage steps into the house vibrating with excitement.  "Nanny!!  It's OUUUURR Christmas today!! (She knows I won't be back at her house until next Tuesday.)  "Nanny!!  I have presents for you!!  She whispers "presents" in that wide-eyed, fake, overly enthusiastic way that Mom's and Nanny's always do to make gifts seem more exciting.  Guilty.  She mimics very well, as all 5-year-olds can.

She knows she is not often allowed to pounce Nanny at the door.  After all, this is the beginning of my work day.  I arrive 10 minutes early most days for the luxury of putting my things away and prepping the morning activities.   I'm certain that this is another reason she's whispering, mother is still "on-duty" and will remind her quickly that she must wait for me at the breakfast table.  But today, I walk in the door, 5YO trailing me in quicksteps, herding me toward my table where I put my things down, Mother sees, but smiles and turns a blind eye.  I reach my table, in view of the gifts she has left for me and begin removing my coat in slow motion, taking extra time to adjust my hair and clothing, zipping my purse up and setting it in the drawer, then forgetting something and going back for it. 

She is dancing in that spastic way kids move; like a cartoon character who sticks their fork in a light socket,  chattering, "Nanny, come and see the gifts on the table.  Do you like the paper?  I made that."  I'm ignoring her, but turn to her finally and say, "I'll meet you at the breakfast table."  She grins and takes off like a jack-rabbit to her place setting.  I detour to her Christmas tree, where I've had gifts for her wrapped since last week.  Gather them up and walk to the dining area and set them on the table.  There are 3, and we are both well aware that they contain her very FAVORITE thing in the. entire. world. Books. 

"Good morning, Nanny!  (Her usual pre-requisite to our first conversation of the day.)  Merry Christmas!!  Open your gift!!"  She is not concerned about the books at this moment in time.  She's a giver.  She's a well-off girl who wants for nothing, so she's more excited to give gifts than receive them.  At my place setting at the breakfast table I find a white paper bag that she has decorated with various glittered Christmas stickers.  She is jumping up and down while sitting in the chair; a feat accomplished only by sheer adrenaline, I'm sure at this point.  Usually I'd make her settle or leave the table, but today I know it would be almost impossible to expect.  Besides, inside, I'm jumping too.  
"Merey Chrismos Nany!  I hop you hav a vere speshl day."
Trust me kid, you have no idea what a privilege it is to have you in my world.  When I let the emotion I have for you swell inside me, I feel like I could explode.  The tears well, my breath sticks, and my heart seizes.  Watching you grow has taught me more about myself than anyone else on this planet has been able to. 

I'm blessed to work in a place where I am held in such high esteem, not only from the children, but also from their mother.  She is my friend.  She gifted me with a Planet Box! complete set and some reusable lunchskins snack bags and I am really excited about it!  I LOVE packing my lunches.  I've ALWAYS done it. 

Merry Christmas to me!  And to all of you, too! :)


  1. How awesome! I love the lunchbox almost as much as the story. I must get one for my Kiddo!

  2. I'm loving the lunchbox as well! I forgot to see the cost, prolly out of my price range, but awesome nonetheless.


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