Friday, 24 December 2010

Planet Box

Packed my Planet Box today - even though I only opened it again once I reached my table. :)

PB&J Sandwich, broccoli florets, carrot sticks, grapes, 1T ranch dressing.

I've spent most of today tidying up the house.  It's been feeling rather cluttered cozy in my home lately.  I'm under quite a bit of school stress right now and my lack of extra time was really beginning to show up around here.  But, it's all looking much better now, which makes me feel better, and now I'm looking forward to my families Christmas Eve tradition of a late night movie viewing at the theater!  A still have a few gifts to wrap, and I'm responisble for the veggie sides for dinner tomorrow, so I've got a bit of prep for that today also.  Oh yeah...and there's the ever present HEAPING pile of school work to do...ugh.  But the rest will be great!  I'm off!


  1. My kid really wants one of those too. I don't think I'll shell out $60 for somebody that keeps losing her cool lunchboxes though!

  2. You can get the whole dealio on sale for 50 right now! Did she lose that green one with white polka-dots again?

  3. I'm loving the lunch box! And such a healthy lunch! What hours do you nanny? Having a job AND going to school...does sound like a time killer! What are you taking in school? You sound like you've got it all together! I'm at home all day and my house is still very cluttered. I think after I read blogs I will pick up a bit ;)

  4. Dang that is shiny and pretty!
    Is it something hypnotic?
    Many of us seem to be entranced.

  5. Merry Christmas!!!

    (And yes, very cool lunchbox.)


  6. As Mandy said...want...I mean NEED!


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