Sunday, 19 December 2010

To lose or not to lose?

As you might have noticed, I am a food fanatic.  I always have been and I always will be in some form or another.  Before, my fanaticism was centered around the eating of food.  It's taste, it's texture, the feel of chewing and swallowing and filling up my stomach.  I wanted it cold, room-temperature, and hot.  I wanted it steamed, fried, baked, basted, roasted, boiled, was garlic, with basil, with salt, with pepper and oil and butter and sweet and sour.  I spent all my time thinking of different foods to eat and different ways to eat them and how the would taste and smell and feel.  It was exhausting.

But, now my focus is more around the ingredients themselves.  I want to know what a food is, where it came from, how it's grown, how it fits into the food pyramid, what are it's nutritional benefits.  I want it to be good for my body as a whole, not just my mouth.  It can't just taste good- it has to be good for me.  I no longer work for my food, I make my food work for me. 

Lately it's been cookie central 'round these parts.  Sugar, Peanut butter, Gingerbread, Chocolate-Mint Doozies, and Peppermint Crisscross cookies.  So far I've done relatively well with enjoying them in moderation.  I count one or two sweets a day into my PointsPlus trakker, but there have been times I know that I've succumbed to the BLT's (bite, licks, tastes) that I haven't tracked.  Bites of my husband's store-bought pizza that he annoying keeps on the counter all afternoon for me to walk by that haven't been tracked.  Gingerbread angel-heads that broke off mid-frosting, that were never seen or heard from again.  I've been lucky lately.  With PointsPlus starting and throwing my body for a new weight-losing loop, I've lost weight.  But, I know that won't continue if I keep sneaking bits and crumbs here and there.  Even though I've made these cookies with wholesome ingredients, they do still have calories.  They add up. 

Now I've just got to get on that whole exercising bandwagon again.  *sigh*  I'm determined to put in some activity tomorrow.  My funk doesn't seem to be clearing on it's own- so I'm just going to have to kick it out on it's ass.  I haven't decided what activity I'm going to participate in yet, but some where small inside me I'm looking forward to breathing hard for 30-45 minutes.  Sound weird?  Trust me, I know.  My motivation is that if I want to enjoy the Holiday food-stivities (and I do, I REALLY do!) I'm going to have to put in extra work to burn off the extra calories.  It's simple science!

At my meeting yesterday, the meeting leader mentioned we should ask begin self talk about what we expected of ourselves coming into the new year.  Would we expect to lose, maintain, or gain weight over the holidays?  I'm trying to decide that today.  I certainly do not want to gain.  But, I've worked really hard on consistently reducing my caloric intake this year.  I have a notion that too much restriction over the holidays for me will be very difficult and stressful.  Maintenance for the next two weeks sounds much better.  But is that just me making excuses?  I can't decide...


  1. Hello :) I'm your newest follower.

    When I stumbled upon your page and saw the pics lined up at the top I thought "I have GOT to follow this blog...because...that first pic...looks just like ME". Seriously. So much like me, that if I didn't know better, I'd say it WAS me. SCARY!

    I look forward to reading all about your journey!

  2. Came here from katie 's blog.....
    Hi there, and congrats - you look great!

  3. xoxox I saw on two blogs today that the blogger had teeny tiny little squares of the items they really wanted to taste so they did not feel deprived and did not derail their efforts either. I will be glad to maintain for sure :)

  4. Oh, those BLT's... After a week of not counting (gak!) and nibbling way too many of the treats around the house, I stepped on the scale and discovered I'd gained... half a pound.

    After my behaviour this week, a mere half pound up? That's a gift! I figure I've dodged a bullet and have a second chance to get my act together! I'm taking inspiration from you, C!



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