Friday, 7 January 2011


I told hubby about how I was going to earn my roller blades in the spring and he went right out and bought me a calendar to help mark my progress.  Sweet, eh?  This week I did what I said I would do and went to the gym 3 times.  (Hence the cute stickers- cause, well, who doesn't like cute stickers?) 

I'm more excited about next week because my gym is starting Zumba classes.  I'm ALWAYS up for trying something new when it comes to my workouts.  I get bored EASY!  I'm also considering returning to my water aerobics classes on Thursdays.  It got me thinking that I really should make a list of all the activities I enjoy right now, so that next time I'm in a rut I can have a list of ideas to choose from and switch it up a bit.  So here goes:

Walking with Bean (my best canine friend)
Speed walking with "my" baby in the stroller.
Running with C25K
Water Aerobics

What do you all do to get activity?


  1. I love water aerobics (especially deep water) and I hear Zumba is so much fun. Must stop talking about it (me) and try it already. Sounds like great activities.

  2. I love my Wii and I am doing all kinds of activity with it every day. I tried doing Just Dance 2 with it today, and made it one tenth of the way into the song before I aggravated my arm. GRRR! I will continue to do my walking and running.

  3. Stretching mostly these days...
    I need to get out more!


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