Saturday, 8 January 2011

Meal Plans & Pre-Weigh-In Thoughts

Now that the holidays are over and life is getting back to normal, my Saturday WW meetings are back on!  So the tradition of what we like to call "Saturday Shenanigan's" resumes.  My mom will be at my house around 8:30 and we will go to my WW meeting together (she's my support!),  then we will go eat brunch at Roly Poly (my new fav!) and then we will go grocery shopping together! 

Because of Saturday Shenanigan's, I make a meal plan out Friday night for the next week to come.  It is a combination of things I've pulled out of my pantry and leftovers from the week before that need to be used up.  This helps me keep my grocery budget as low as possible and it doesn't leave me on Wednesday wondering what there is to eat.  This doesn't mean I will eat everything on this list, these are just my list of options.  I usually do this in a notebook, but my list is a bit larger than usual so I thought I might share it with you and maybe spark your imagination. 

Meal Plan this week:

Breakfast Options:
Whole Wheat Sweet Potato-Cranberry Muffins (had two leftover sweet potatoes...)
Special K cereal & Silk Light*
Omelet (eggs*)

Lunch & Dinner Options:
Sandwiches: Grilled cheese, PB&J, egg salad.
Vegetarian Chili with Rice
Lasagna Rolls
Maki Sushi (with my new kit!)
Vegetarian burritos (FF refried beans, FF cheddar, lots 'o veggies)

Fruit Options:
4 apples
some form of berry or grapes*
avocado* (for California Maki Sushi)

 Veggie Options:
Roasted Veggies: Onion*/broccoli* or brussel sprouts*/carrots*
Any of those raw with yogurt dressing

Snack Options:
Boiled Egg
Pretzels* and the best mustard ever!!  (seriously, I buy it in bulk)
Cottage cheese 
Any fruit or veggie

The items with stars next to them I will need to purchase at the grocery store: Silk Light, eggs, berries or grapes, banana, avocado, onion, broccoli or brussel sprouts, carrots, and pretzels.  All those options for only a few dollars.  It's gonna be a good cooking week :) , even if some of it ends up in the freezer for future quick meals.  Maybe I'll pull out a pantry-post for you all!  Like MTV Cribs! ;-D

At 9am I will be weighing in officially for the first time in THREE WHOLE WEEKS!  My scale at home has been wavering between maintenance and a small loss for a few days now.  But my scale NEVER says what the WW scales say so I never trust my scale.  I'm always shooting for a loss, but I will certainly be satisfied if I've managed to maintain over the past two major holidays. 

I got a really great new shirt from Goodwill (still had tags!) yesterday that is about 2 sizes too small and I'm going to use it to gage my loss until summer (when I hope it will fit.)  So if I did maintain, I certainly won't be dilly-dallying any longer!  I woke up this morning feeling really good.  Right this minute, I'm kinda lovin' the uphill, calorie burning climb.  Loss or no loss, I'm proud that I exercised this week.  I know I will achieve my goals. 


  1. I can't wait to find out the results!

  2. I think it's neat that you and your mom go to WW together. I wish my mom lived closer. :)

    Hope the weigh in goes exactly how you want.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I really need to get back to pre-planning my meals!
    Good luck on the weigh in!

  4. Can't wait to read about your weigh in!

  5. Excellent - Having options is a great technique to keep on plan and away from the temptations of drive-thru food, calling for delivery pizza and those numerous no-no's.

    Have a Great weekened!

  6. Me too, about your mom. I think it's great. Nice to have a support. And what a great idea about planning your menus a week in advance. That was what I did when I was most successful and will be doing again. And, yes, it helps you keep your budget in check and from buying duplicates. Waste not. Can't wait to hear the results. Don't you just want to boot that interloper scale out of your house?


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