Thursday, 24 February 2011

My Bestest Friend

I promised you all a post about my bestie a few weeks ago and got swamped.  Check me out!  Three blogs in as many days!  WHOOP!

This is ButterBean.  Or Bean-a-Roo.  Or Doobie.  Or Goober-Lou.  We're bad with nicknames over here, but it's better than "hey you dog."  And, she always seems to know when we're talking to her.  Anyway, Bean is a "Chiweenie," which is to say that she is half dachshund (weener dog), half chihuahua.  Aside from the ears, we think she's much more dachshund than chihuahua.

We got Bean when she was 4 months old.  We were her 4th home in as many months.  She was born into a home that didn't care to spay or neuter their animals, and she was the runt in her mothers 3rd litter in 2 years. :-(  My aunt brought Bean and her sister, Coco, home with her as soon as they were weened, and then my cousin took Bean to her house.  My cousin has a soft heart and wasn't thinking clearly until about a month later when she realized that she really wasn't able to be home enough to take the time to properly care for a puppy.   She spent WAY too much time locked up...

I had been looking for a puppy for about 6 months at that point.  We always had dogs in my home growing up, and after a few years in our apartment without one, I really was missing the companionship.  I refuse to "pay" for a puppy.  I know a lot of people do, and I won't hate on it here too much, but I believe that there are SO many animals that need homes, and so many puppy mills making money off over bred animals.  I just think it's wrong too support that.  Plus, I don't think you can ever really "own" a creature.  You'll never hear me say "my dog" or "my animal."  She is a dog, but she does not "belong" to me.  She is her own being and I respect her for it.  The most we do to interfere with nature is keep her safe and healthy by keeping her on a leash in public and clothing her when it's cold.  I'm thankful she chooses to be my devoted friend and am readily willing to feed and shelter her for as long as she decides she is happy here. 

So, when my cousin called asking if I'd like to see if Bean might like to come home with me, I was SO ready!  I jumped in the car and drove the 3 hours to find out.  When I got there, Bean would have nothing to do with me.  She cowered in her crate and refused to come out.  She'd done this moving thing before, twice before and it always meant new people who couldn't take care of her, and a new home, and ... just too much change for her taste.  My cousin told me that if I didn't take her, she was going to have to drop her off at the humain society.  I know what happens there, and I wasn't willing to give her up so easily.  I brought her home without having ever touched or held her.  I placed her crate on the floor and opened the door trying to coax her out.  It took her 2 days to come out...

After that, we became fast friends.  She followed me around afraid of her own shadow.  It was pitiful.  She would have nothing to do with Hubby for more than a week.  I believe that men (or a man) were unkind to her in the worst way.  She still does not care for unfamiliar men in the least.  With so much change going on for her, no one had taken the time to teach her about being house broken, and so I enrolled her in "Puppy Class" at the local PetSmart.  She took to classes instantly and loved to show all the other puppies who was boss, even though she was usually smaller than they were.  Full grown now, she weighs all of 12lbs. 

Bean excelled in courses and completed all the courses offered at PetSmart.  She is a very smart dog.  I won't say she is "trained," she is not a robot who will do my bidding just because I told her too, but we communicate very well and have a good understanding of each other.  Because of that, I'm able to bring her with me pretty much anywhere I go.  Don't get me wrong, she is not what most people call a "friendly" dog.  She does not readily invite people to come too near her and pet her and play with her.  She does give warning when she feels threatened or nervous.  But, she knows how to be still.  She knows how to stay focused.  She knows how to behave appropriately in public.  And for that, she is usually invited back wherever we go, like to work with the kids...

Because of this, I am able to take her with me to exercise anywhere.  Bean LOVES a good brisk walk.  She loves to ride in the basket of my  bicycle.  This summer, I hope to introduce her to boats.  I think she will really enjoy it.  She loves being outside and she LOVES to RUN.  And being so long and sleek, MAN-OH-MAN is she FAST!!  Her very favorite thing to hear is, "You ready to GO?!"  ...The answer is always an emphatic "YESSSSS!!!"

I'm so lucky to have such a devoted friend in her.  I wouldn't be me without her.:)


  1. What a gorgeous little face, she looks so pic has a little air of vulnerability that makes you want to just love her..I can see why you are so close to her. How CAN anyone be cruel to any animal, I just don't get it.
    Thanks for posting

  2. She's so cute!!!
    We were a foster home for collies for a while. Then our schedule took over but not before we had adopted two of the dogs. Love em. One has passed on now but we still have our other. Such sweethearts. Oh, and two rescue snake if you can believe that! LOL

  3. oh my gosh, thank you sooooo much for sharing Bean!!! I loooove our dogs sooo much too!
    Your dog is the cutest lil thing!! We have two rescue dogs too, Hoagie, a lab mix, he was rescuted in Taiwan and shipped here! (he was in the US when we found him) and Trixie, a wild little terrier mix!! and we're so lucky they love each other and our little boy!

  4. Butterbean is simply the cutest puppy ever. So glad she's found her forever home.


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