Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Two Posts in One

I know...I've been a terrible blogger.  I'm around every day reading your blogs!  I swear!!  But I just haven't felt like I've had much to say lately.  Right now I have a cold.  I'm sick at home and missing "my" kids.  I've had it up to HERE (I'm turning into my mother) with medical transcription.  I have until March 15 to finish the program and I already HATE the field.  Grrr...

I did want to share with you what I woke up to yesterday morning though:
That's right folks!  There's a '1' in the front!!!  My weight hasn't begun with a "1" since middle school- oh, 13 years ago!!  Now, I really only track my weight using the scale at my weekly WW meeting (since my scale is always off by about 3lbs.)  But, seeing this certainly gives me the motivation to work a little harder, track a little more, and eat a little smarter this week to make sure it shows at my WW weigh-in on Saturday.  I'm VERY excited and proud of myself.  I even woke up hubby to come and see! LOL

And now on a more serious note, In accordance with the title, I'm going to give you all a two-for-one blog post deal! 

I want to talk to a few of you (you know who you are) who seem to be struggling.  I've been reading weight-loss blogs for about 2 years now.  Trying to convince myself that if you all could do it, then I could too!  And, for the most part, that has been true.  There have been SO many great inspirations out there that have really kept me going!  And, I DO NOT claim to be any kind of expert on weight loss.  But, I HAVEcontinued to lose steadily for more than a year.  I HAVE lost 114lbs.  I HAVE changed my entire life to make sure that my healthy lifestyle is sustainable for many years to come.  I HAVE done the work.

So I want to talk to a few of you bloggers that don't seem to get it.  You get stuck in what I call the "whiney why-me's??"  You eat well for breakfast and then tell us that you HAD to eat the donut that was calling your name in the office breakroom, then you forgot to plan your lunch last night so you HAD to go out and eat fast food and wouldn't you know it?  You were over your caloric limit before the dinner you had planned out with your friends.  You say, "Can you believe that so-and-so restaurant's "healthy" salad is actually a MILLION calories or points?!  SHOCK!  What sabotage!!"  You exercise Monday and then tell us how you've been much too exhausted from this event, this sick child, this work deadline, to even consider getting up off the couch.  Week after week you moan and groan about how the scale is your enemy. And its not listening to you.

I've been there, I won't even try to lie!  But you know what it got me?  It got me to THREE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN pounds of MORBID obesity.  It got my knees aching.  It got my heart pounding just walking to the mailbox.  It got me to a size 30 pants and a 4XL in shirts.  Basically, it got death knocking on my door.

Friends, this journey is up to YOU!  You will NOT lose weight wishing and hoping for a change.  If pounds were wishes, we'd all look like Paris Hilton or Mila Kunis!!  The reason you are unhappy with your weight is because YOU put the wrong fuel into your body.  YOU do not burn more calories than you consume.  YOU are NOT trying.  You may say, "But, C!  I ate a salad at that restaurant!  How was I supposed to know it was a million calories!"  I CALL BULLSHIT!!  YOU did not educate yourself before you ate.  YOU did not ask to see the nutritional profile before you ordered it.  YOU did not google it for yourself.  YOU did not preplan enough so that you didn't have to eat out in the first placeENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! 

Why blog if all you ever have is bad news?  Please don't get me wrong- I've used this network for support MANY times when I was feeling hopeless.  And, I hope now that none of you feel like you can't come to me when you're struggling.  You most certainly can come to me and I will most certainly do my VERY best to help you see where you may have gone wrong and try to get you back on your feet.  But, what I will NOT do is sugar coat your failure for you. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  The most important thing I've learned during this journey is that weight loss is simple science.  If you continuously consume less calories than you burn on a daily basis, the scale WILL go down.  No matter what time of the month it is, no matter what stage the moon is in, no matter what holiday landed the day before your weigh-in. 

If you want it...do what it takes to get it!  I have faith in you, have some faith in your self!  Show some RESTRAINTDO THE WORK!  And YES!!  That means PREPLANNING!  That means TRACKING your intake!  That means making HEALTHY CHOICES at every meal!  That means EXERCISING with the intent to get your heart racing, your body sweating, you breath huffing a bit!

I hope I haven't hurt any ones feelings.  But, to be honest, I'm more frustrated with your lack of motivation and results than you seem to be.  You all know who you are.  Now get out there and MAKE SOME CHANGES!  So I can be there to celebrate your successes! :)

Ready team?! 


  1. Whooohooo congrats on onederland, way to rock it. You're truly an inspiration

  2. YAY!!!! Welcome to Onederland. So very happy for you.

  3. Hi - You are quite right of course. In the past I've dieted and although never blogged about it - I've been very whiny and negative about the lack of results after 3 days on,1 day off approaches etc. I'm just starting out ..less than 2 months and while happy with my progress I know its early days yet. When I've lost 114lb I will feel more like I have a strong opinion about how to succeed at this. Your progress shows it can be done, life changes can be made and inspire people like me to keep going until the BIG differences are made.Well done for reaching that 1.

  4. Welcome to onederland!! Congratulations
    Choices is what it comes down to and we all make our own choices.

  5. Just found your blog tonight and love it! Congratulations on your awesome weight loss!! And this post was even more relevant to me. You kick ass!! I will be a new follower! =)


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