Tuesday, 8 March 2011

3 Amazing Bloggers (Who happen to also be women!)

So great to have some new followers!  Welcome!  I'm thrilled to have you all here and I hope you won't be shy!

I "met" a new blogger yesterday named Cat.  You can read all about her over at What's Eating the Cat.  She wrote some really kind words to me regarding my Identity Crisis and asked if I wouldn't mind if she posted a link on her site back to my post.  I, of course, was honored!  What she wrote was really inspiring and I hope to be able to find a bit of quite time to myself later on to really reflect on it so that I can post more about it.  I think you all should read it.  It really does open your eyes to a whole new quandary regarding not just weight loss, but all the drastic changes that occur as a result.  I know many of you aren't quite as far along in your journey as I am, but perhaps if you begin thinking about it now, you won't reach the disparaging realization that you don't even recognize yourself!

I promised to send out some blogging loving in the way of spreading the award I got yesterday from Dawn.  I know that everyone DESERVES one award or another.  I truly believe that everyone has strengths that should be recognized!  But, as it pertains to this award, I would like give it to Healthy Smealthy  Her last post was eye-opening when she discussed her opinion on the parallel (or lack there of) between fat and cancer.  Her day-to-day style of posting makes me feel like I know her, and she is not afraid to dig a little deeper when it comes to a challenge.  

I would also like to give an honorable mention to Suzi.  She already has this award, but I think she deserves it twice over!  Suzi has a knack for posting and photography and she ALWAYS has the nicest, most caring things to comment.  I even enjoy reading her comments to people on other blogs.  :-)

If you don't already follow these amazing women, I suggest you go immediately and rectify the situation.  You're missing out!


  1. Hi C - I've discussed one of your recent posts on my blog tonight..I hope you don't mind. Should I have said anything you don't like please let me know and I will withdraw it. I only posted because something you said really really got me thinking.

  2. Thanks for the shout out new friend!
    feeling the love ♥

    love and light

  3. Thanks, I'll check it out! I feel like I know you through your writing too. You've done great on your journey.

  4. I just found your blog. Wow, your weight loss journey is fantaatic and inspirational. I will be back!

  5. Thanks so much for the award. You are such a Sweetheart. I wish you nothing but good things and health!


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