Thursday, 3 March 2011

My Evolution from Mainstream to Hippie

So remember earlier this month with I was having trouble controlling my intake of chocolate? Well, thankfully, that seems to have passed. I will be keeping the Coco Almonds around.

A friend of mine posted this article on Facebook and I had to share it with you all! VERY INTERESTING/SCARY STUFF about processed junk food and it's addictive nature. Please be sure to check it out!  I wondered if perhaps the chocolate cake that had me looking over the edge of a cliff was responsible for my control confusion.  It serves as a lesson to me that sometimes, it's just better to avoid a food all together if I'm not sure of who the baker was or how it was made.  I seem to be sensitive to processed baked goods.

Speaking of processed foods and its effect on our bodies, Hubby and I have watched The Beautiful Truth, a documentary, twice now on free download thru Netflix this week.  I found it to be absolutely fascinating!!  I will do further research to verify its validity, but I believe that there will be several more changes going on in the Evolution household.

I have friends now who are calling me an extremist when it comes to my health and the health of my environment.  I was a bit offended at first.  My friends (who are extremely main-stream) are now calling me a "hippie."  My best friend lives out of state, and when we were talking on the phone on day, she was appalled that I no longer used the common cleaning products like Lysol and Clorox.  When I told her that they were toxic chemicals that I didn't want in my house, she said "Who ARE you, and what have you done with my clean friend?"  ...I told her to keep drinking the hateraide...but still, the comment lingered in the back of my mind.

I thought about it for days.  I knew I had changed a lot about my life, but was I really an "extremist?"  I talked it over with my mom and she said "Yes, you are.  But, thank goodness you're on the healthy side now!"  She pointed out that over the past year, I have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other.  But,  that I now consider myself informed and educated about my body and its surroundings.  I've been living on the wrong end of the extreme for YEARS and now I realize that I want to be as FAR away from that side of life as possible.  If that means I am a "hippie" then so be it! 

So here you go.  See C. Evolve:

2009 -Meat every meal except dessert
2011 -Basically a "lacto-ovo-vegetarian." (I do occasionally have bites of hubby's local, grass-fed, venison that our friend hunted himself).  (My friends think this is weird and often tell me to "Damn, EAT A CHEESE BURGER!")

And that evolution meant that I went from
2009- Migraine headaches twice a week
2011- Not being able to remember the last time I had a headache that was unaccompanied by illness.

The dietary evolutions I've made over the past year meant that I went from
2009- 80% of my intake coming from chain restaurants and the rest from boxed or frozen processed foods 2010- 95% of my intake coming from my own kitchen, and the other 5% coming from friends home cooked meals or small Mom and Pop restaurants using whole ingredients.  (My friends think it is annoying that I order off the menu, or bring my own food.)

2009- Spending $80 a week on boxed or frozen, processed foods at the grocery store
2010- Spending most of my time and money shopping in the produce section.
2011- Attempting to grown some of our own food.  Which has made me realize the need to
2011- Start composting... (My friends think this work is all too dirty and time consuming and the failure ratio is too high to put in the effort.)

Now I worry about pollution since it inevitably gets back to our food and water sources.
2009- Soda bottles at at every convenience story
2011- Reusable water canteens that I carry with me.  (My friends roll their eyes when I express concern about their plastic, chemical-leaching, water bottles.)

2009- Allowing even the smallest items I purchased being put into a plastic grocery sack
2010- Using reusable cloth grocery bags, some I even made myself, or asking for no bags at all. 
2011- Cleaning, sorting, and dropping off all forms of recycling since our apartment complex isn't eligible for city pick up. (My friends think this is too much work, and it's not cute to carry out purchases without a bag.)

Not to mention the way I choose to spend my time:
2009- Sitting...eating...TV...movies...
2011- Planned exercise at least twice a week (usually 4 times), with LOTS of walks and other activities throughout. (My friends don't enjoy exercise.)

2009- 90% of my life was spent indoors.
2011- 55% of my life is spent outside. (My friends DO NOT enjoy the outdoors.)

2009- I spent HUNDREDS of dollars on new clothing
2011- I shop almost exclusively at Goodwill, not only because it's budget friendly to my constantly changing size, but because reduces my carbon footprint!  (My friends think it is gross to wear clothes that were previously owned by a stranger.)

So I guess I have changed.  A LOT.  It's easy to see when it's all put down in writing, I suppose.  My thinking is different now about a lot of things.  Am I sorry?  NOT. ONE. LITTLE. BIT!  I only hope my friends will decide they like me anyway...


  1. So much in this post that is really interesting. I think the changes you have made are remarkable and commendable.
    That article about the rats is shocking and one sentence leapt out for me...."They know they shouldn’t overeat, but they do it anyway." That was me, for sure, that was me.
    Thanks for such a thought provoking post

  2. I'm working towards that, but a LONG way off! Very inspiring, and definitely snagged a few ideas :)


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