Friday, 29 April 2011

Bustin' a Move!

Hello!!  It's been a great week!  After my birthday and Easter, it was nice to have a week that everything went back to normal and smooth sailing.

There were residual cravings that I had from all the sweets last week and I did end up eating more sweets in the form of lemon cream cake and paradise pie (that's what it's called).  I'm not sorry about it, really.  I'm just living life and I did stay pretty well in control.  I could have eaten the lemon cream cake differently- I ended up just eating it out of the box instead of cutting a piece and plating it, so I'm not quite sure how much of it I ate, but it is what it is and I don't feel that I over did it.  I do understand though, that the more sweets I indulge in, the more the cravings seem to strengthen, so I will be cutting them out of the next 7-10 days and focusing more on filling those WW points with healthy alternatives.

During the pressure of filling out the Flat Tracker this week, I've fallen into a bit of a rut.  I haven't much felt like eating my usual go-to meals and that means that I've found myself wondering what to eat for the next meal instead of already having a plan.  I've also had much more of a lacto-ovo vegetarian week than a vegan diet.  My goal is usually a ratio of 80% vegan to 20% lacto-ovo.  I think I've done okay with it though, and I did really enjoy a new salad mix I created this week that I'm sure wouldn't have come about had I thought it out too much.  I ate mostly healthfully and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that  the scale will agree at my weigh in tomorrow morning.

I am proud of how my exercise calendar looks this month.  I started placing stickers on the calendar in the winter time for days when I got in at least 30 minutes of moderate activity.  I made a deal with myself (being so bored with the gym) that if I could get in 30 minutes of activity 3 days a week, that I would earn myself some new roller blades in the spring.  I've done well at it, though I haven't gotten around to buying the roller blades yet because I'm feeling pretty satisfied with the exercise mix I have right now and I'm  not bored with it yet.  I've kept up the stickers though because it became a great way to not let too much time elapse between days of activity.  For the past two weeks, in preparation for my birthday and Easter, I've managed to get in 10 stickers!!  That's an improvement and I'm really beginning to feel it!  I dare say that for the past few days, I've been looking forward to getting out there and putting in the work to earn my stickers.

Curves gym took my measurements this week and I've lost inches in everything except my thighs.  I have a feeling that that may very well be due to the muscle I've built there these past few weeks.  I've been doing a lot of leg work and I'm really starting to see some definition.  I'm hoping that this is the year I'll be able to wear rain boots when the rainy season starts.  Last year my calves were still too big to fit in the regular ones comfortably.  I'm especially excited about losing inches in my arms.  Though my arms are strong now, I definitely have hanging skin that I wouldn't miss at all should it decide to tighten up. 

This was taken last summer.
Like I said, tomorrow is weigh in and I hope that I show a loss for the sake of the Flat Tracker and all it's future trackers!  Keep your fingers crossed! :-)


  1. Sugar certainly does have addictive properties. I notice when I am off them I feel so much better but when I get into them those cravings come right back. I hate that feeling and the emotions that go along with it. Glad you are back with the program.

  2. I get the cravings when i go off plan to!I hate it.I love the calendar idea! the stickers are to cute! Good luck on ur weigh in!


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