Monday, 25 April 2011

Enjoying the Celebration

Camping was a hit!!  We had a LOT of fun!  We got there early and since the campgrounds weren't booked, they let us check in and we had first picks on which site we wanted. 

We set up camp within an hour or so.  I am a minimalist and would rather do without than carry extra, but hubby is the opposite and won't leave home until he is absolutely positive he has everything he might possibly want to have.  So, of course, the car was PACKED even though we were only going to be gone for about 24 hours.  Hubby and I don't always agree on things or see eye-to-eye, but we make an AWESOME team and had our 6 person tent up in about 15 minutes!

When I uploaded pictures from my phone onto my computer and saw this picture I was thrilled to see that my body looks...normal.  I don't look "fat" anymore.  I am proportionate, with the exception of the skin hanging on my arms.  That will take time to correct, but I can see the muscle in there, so I'm not too concerned over it.

With the exception of ALL of us (Bean included) having to deal with a few ticks, it was a great time!  We went hiking, played cards, read a book, cooked over the fire, ate s'mores, and I even had a shot of vodka. LOL  I ate tons of fresh berries and raw veggies to keep me full so that I could eat light meals and enjoy the extra treats and stayed within my daily points allowance.  Plus, we were TIRED by the end of the day, so I know I earned some activity points with all the hiking and camp set up too!

It was a great Easter/ Birthday celebration for us and we're looking forward to finding any opportunity to do it again.  I hope you and your families enjoyed the day together.


  1. Looks like you had fun. I'm so jealouse! It hasn't stopped raining here long enough to even go outside lately, let alone camping.

  2. Sound like so much fun!!!You look great!!

  3. You look so good. What an accomplishment.

  4. You look fantastic...I wouldn't have noticed the loose skin if you hadn't pointed it out. I have the same, under arms and tops of my thighs, but I really don't care..I thought I might but i just think I will work on that over time, You look great and so happy!

  5. You look great. Congratulations on this huge accomplishment. It has taken a lot of hard work and the loose skin - a reminder of how far you've come.

  6. You look great, and I'm glad you had fun. I love camping and hiking, but haven't gotten to do it in a few years. I lived near Lake Tahoe for years and camped and hiked all over around there.

  7. you look awesome and it sounds like you had a great time.

  8. Hey C
    looken great girlfriend
    we were away for the weekend too...
    sorry I haven't been around can just get so busy
    awesome continual weight loss and I loved you 26 things you like aobut yourself...such a good thing to do!!!
    Happy B-day amazing girl!!!
    Keep smiling, 26 looks amazing on you!

    love and light


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