Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Just a quick post...

The Hard Ten Challenge is over- THANK GOODNESS!!!  I'm feeling good, my body feels cleansed, and I lost 5 pounds in just one week.  I count it a success, though it really was VERY hard for me.

Just a quick post in the middle of a busy week.  Berry picking today with the kids brought in 11 pounds of strawberries for our two families.  I'm very excited about it because it means I have plenty of fruit for green smoothies for the next two weeks or so.

9-month-old and I picking fruit

My sink and 11lbs of berries
 This ended up yielding two gallon sized ziplock freezer bags of quartered strawberries.  It was a lot of fun as an outdoor activity and now we're looking forward to blackberry picking in the coming weeks.

PlanetBoxes so far this week (only 2 because Tuesday the weather was bad, so we kept 5-year-old home.)

Lunch today for 5-year-old: Grapes and blackberries, cheesy broccoli and green beans, ham and cream cheese on half a bagel thin, carrots surrounding boiled egg white halves stuffed with feta and topped with ham, bunny grahams for dessert.
Lunch Monday: Bell pepper ducks in a broccoli forest, bagel thin "rainbow" with cream cheese and strawberries, ham "clouds", and spinach grass.  Apple, strawberry and raisin salad, Kashi 7-grain crackers with a baby belle cheese.
 Quick note that PlanetBox is donating $1 for every set of Rainforest Magnets you purchase to Amazon Watch in celebration of Earth Day!  Of course 5-year-old and I have sets on the way!!

I'm having a lot of joint pain these last few days.  I'm pretty sure that I'm out of alignment and need to get back to the chiropractor.  I haven't been in about a year, and now that we opted out of insurance this year, I won't be able to go quite yet.  I'm thinking my symptoms have been heightened by my vegan diet?  Not sure if that is feasible, but it's really the only thing that's changed these past few weeks other than the fickle weather?  No idea.  But, I'm looking hard for an MT job so that I can get my insurance back.  I had severe hip dysplasia as a child, and was in a pretty bad car accident when I was 16 that reversed my C-spine (whiplash).  Anyway, I'm refusing pain medication for now, but it has been deterring me from strenuous exercise, so I may have to bite the bullet and take some of the prescription anti-inflammatory.  Boo :-/

Hope you're all doing great!! 


  1. I started taking glucosamin/chondroitin for joints and it really helped. I got the Meijer's store brand that was comparable to the Schiff Move Free. It is still a little pricey but I quit taking it for a while and could really feel it so I wasn't long getting some more. Those strawberries look great. Here in Indiana, ours are just coming our of dormancy.

  2. Sorry about the joint pain.

    LOVE the adorable lunches. I'd really like some of those trays too. Where did you get them?

    Isn't strawberry picking fun?! We went last year and picked waaaaay more than we needed. :)

  3. I love fresh strawberries we go to a organic stand every year since I was about 7.Sorry to hear your out of alignment I hope you feel better.Congrats on finishing you 10! Thats great!

  4. Five pounds!?!? Fantastic. Sorry for your pain, but five pounds!?!??! Fantastic.

  5. nice to connect with you C.
    Have a great rest of your week

    love and light

  6. Oh my those strawberries look wonderful! I always loved picking them on my grandparents' farm. That is so sweet that you take the time to make such adorable lunches!

    I have no idea if a vegan diet can mess with your joints, but I do know the weather does. Hope you stop hurting soon!


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