Monday, 11 April 2011

Pulling outta the funk

Okay.  Well.  I have a plan and having a plan generally makes me feel better.  First thing is that at weigh-in on Saturday I was up 1.6lbs.  Boo...but not surprised.  This has been the first time in more than a year that I have showed a GAIN at weigh-in.  I'm not beating myself up over it, I'm done doing that.  But I am certainly not going to let that happen for two weeks in a row. 

Cat (I <3 her) suggested that to get outta my funk I needed to go and buy some new bras.  I already knew that I was in desperate need of new bras because my size has changed a few times over since I last purchased one, but bras shopping is my nemesis!  Most stores do not have the size I need.  I have a broad chest and small ta-tas.  Most of you are women, so I'll just tell you that I'm a 40B, and a small B at that.  I seem to have two problems when I'm looking for a bra, one is that I can't fill out the B cup and it creates this hollow place that flattens and creases and can be seen under my tshirts, and two is that because of the weight I've lost, I have quite a bit of loose skin, including around the top of my rib cage, under my arms and if there are less than three hooks to a bra, this skin puddles over the sides and shows under my tshirts.

So, on Saturday, after my weigh in, Mom and I drove the 40 minutes to the only bra outlet I have had any luck with and I tried on no less than 15 different styles from 4 different brands.  I did end up finding success with Barely There Bras (link to the exact kind I purchased) which size their bras more like a sports bra in that they have small, medium, large, and extra large.  I LOVED them and bought 3!  Cat, was right, you don't realize how much a proper bra can do for your confidence!!  While we were there, my Mom insisted that I have matching underwear- so I ended up with  several new pairs of panties as well.  So, in the event that I'm in an accident of some kind and they have to cut all my clothing off, at least I'll be stylish with a well fitted bra and matching drawers. :-D

On the food front, I am going back about 6-months to what I used to do by premaking my meals.  I spent the morning in the kitchen making my meals for the week so that I'm not standing in front of the fridge mid-week wondering what's for dinner and eating bites of everything in there before deciding on what I want.  I know that a lot of people tell me they don't like to premake their food because they don't like leftovers or they get sick of eating the same things for several days in a row.  For me, if  my leftovers are dried out, I reheat it with a bit of vegetable broth.  If I get sick of eating leftovers one way, I switch it up and eat it a different way. 

This week I made a super vege-ful coleslaw with tofu just using what I had in my fridge (broccoli, red pepper, onion, brussel sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, bean sprouts, coleslaw mix, black beans, quinoa, and lightly fried cornstarch coated tofu) and mixed in a "sauce" of vegenaise, my favorite mustard, and some no sugar added sweet relish.  Mix it all together and stick it in the fridge for a few hours.  I usually eat things like this on a high fiber wrap, or over a salad, or as a chip dip.  Also made a noodle and veggie stir fry and a big pan of roasted root vegetables.  Oh, and breakfast is smoothies with tofanyan smart bagel thins and a bit of earth balance spread over them, and I usually have fruit for my snacks.

So the food plan is on point.  The exercise plan... *sigh*...I'm just not into it right now.  But, that doesn't mean it doesn't have to get done!  On days that I have the kids, I have scheduled 50 minute stroller-pushing walks.  And, for the other days (and the days when the stroller-walk doesn't work out) I have scheduled that between 4 and 5 I will be either at the community gym on the eliplital and treadmill, or at Curves doing circuit training. 

My MT resume is being edited by a few people I know to make sure it is the best it can be.  (By the way, if you're particularly good at resume writing and wouldn't mind looking mine over, PLEASE let me know!)  I have a list of places to submit it once its finalized and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someone will hire me as a Nanny who has just enough time for a part-time transcription position. :-)

Nothing is perfect all the time and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Differences and deviation from the norm are the spice of life.  But, having a plan makes me feel more in control and more aware of my journey.  I'm feeling reenergized and after seeing Kelly's new progress pics, I have renewed fervor!  I CAN achieve my goals!!

Have a GREAT week!


  1. Sounds like a great plan im glad your feeling better :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out! And you look drop dead gorgeous in your latest pic on the left. Dang, girl! Hottie. :)

    Nice plan. You've done so so well. You'll reach all your goals. And you've inspired me to go bra shopping. I haven't bought a new one in over a year so the girls are in need of new housing. haha

  3. I hate bra shopping, too. I was measured at a Catherines once, they were so far off on fit, it wasn't funny! Glad you found a good one, though! You sound really positive and full of energy, that's awesome!

    I'm pretty good with resumes, and editing is my job, so if you want me to look it over, you can send it to me!

  4. LOL
    you make my heart sing!!!!

    love and light

  5. Great plan! I know that planning ahead really helps me.

  6. I was a business teacher and taught job interview skills so feel free to send a copy to me and I will make suggestions. You will lose the effect of my red ink pen but this will have to do :-)
    Can't identify with the boob thing - I have to be careful rolling over at night or mine drag me out of bed!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha I crack myself up.

  7. Wow....I thought I was weird - you're exactly like me. Oh, that sounded rude're not weird!! But you ARE like me....I have a large back and wear ( currently ) a 40 bra and just don't fill a big cup (I'm a B) and here in the UK they think every woman who needs the inches around the chest is huge in the in a 40 they often START at a D cup and I look dreadful. I end up wearing stretchy over-the-head sports type bras. I can't wait to be slim enough to wear a much smaller size bra where they make smaller cup sizes and they might fit!
    So glad you're moving on from a funk...its so hard isn't it....there's nothing I can say other than I know how you feel and I'll be here waiting to see you post the next LOSS and celebrate with you. Be kind to yourself xXx

  8. I swear just having a plan can make all the difference. (although a new bra never hurt either!) Sounds like you are set for success! Thanks for your support.

  9. I suppose I'm lucky in the fact that my cup size is similar to my band size. That being said, I still hate shopping for bras. But there's just something so fun about putting on a new bra and seeing your girls sitting in the right place and looking fabulous...


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