Saturday, 30 April 2011

Weigh In and Certificate

-2.4 lbs lost this week!  WHOO!!  That stupid tracker was a LOT of pressure!  It really made me feel insecure (especially this morning before weight in.)  I bickered with hubby over stupid things, I changed my outfit three times and was seriously contemplating shaving my head because my hair would NOT do what I wanted it to.  I knew in my head it was all nervousness over that stupid book- but that didn't change the way I was feeling about it.  I think I lost another pound in relief when I stood on the scale and she told me I had lost.  Whew...serious weight off my shoulders.  I'm glad I was able to hold up my end of the bagain and didn't up having a "what NOT to do" week be the first entry into the flat tracker.

My meeting leader also awarded me a certificate at the meeting this week.  I'm sorry the picture is crappy.  My mom can do no wrong in my eyes, but she is certainly not a photographer.  She blames the iphone I have, but between us, I'm pretty sure she needs new glasses.  It says "Certificate of Accomplishment presented to See C.  Congratulations on your outstanding achievement on losing more than 100 pounds through faithful adherence to the Weight Watchers program."  It's signed by the Prez and CEO, David Kirchhoff and my meeting leader Meredith.  I'm VERY proud of it.  I think I'll frame in and put it in my kitchen! :o)

I hope you all did well this week in your weight ins.  I'm looking forward to a quiet week without too much struggle to maintain my healthy eating and my continued motivation to exercise on a daily basis.


  1. awesome Cole!!!
    you should be so proud of look so happy I love it!
    nerves make us behave crazy don't they?
    thank goodness for kindness and grace from those who love us!♥
    Just got back from my Triathlon so gonna go post about it...
    come on by if you can for a visit!
    always love seeing your bright light in my space!
    have a great weekend
    celebrate your success....loudly!!!!!

    love and light

  2. Congratulations. Your confidence continues to grow and life is going to be continually better and what you were put on this earth for - why live if not to help each other? Your example will inspire so many - hope you are considering leading a Weight Watchers class.

  3. I'm so proud of you!!! You seriously rock :) Oh and did I say congrats????

  4. I think its a lovely photo - you look sooooo happy and proud.
    Wonderful to have achieved this...its a massive achievement. I love to see how far you have come it gives me hope and inspiration that it CAN be done and just maybe, I can do it too.
    Well done

  5. YIPEE!! Im so proud of you thats just awesome! And you look gorgeous in the picture!

  6. Wow - what an accomplishment! You look so healthy - you radiate!

  7. Congratulations Cole! That is certainly something to be proud of. I agree with Dawn, it is a lovely photo.


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