Saturday, 23 April 2011

Weight Watcher's Flat Tracker

I'm back to eating on plan and even after my birthday binge I managed to pull a 2.6 lbs loss (down one more pound than my gain last week.)  BOOYA!!

Have you heard of Flat Stanley?  Well our meeting group is starting our own version with a 3 month food tracker.  The meeting participants will nominate one meeting patron to take home the tracker and fill it out according to their own diet (food and activity choices), bring it back to the meeting the next week to have it reviewed by the group, and then mail it out and pass it on to another meeting group.  Well guess who was nominated to be the first?  ME!!  In fact, when our meeting leader announced this, one member pointed to me and said "I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE LADY WHO HAS LOST 130 PLUS POUNDS EATS!"  LOL

So for the next 7 days, I will eat every morsel knowing that I will be held accountable for my actions next Saturday.  At least 20 people in my meeting alone will read over what I've eaten and the activity I've done.  Will they be judging me?  Yes, probably!  I know a lot of people are amazed with what I have accomplished and seem to think that I've been doing something rediculously extreme to lose the weight.  My hope is that this will be an opportunity for those people to see that all I've done is keep trying!  I also hope that as the tracker gets sent around to the different meetings in different places that people will be able to gain ideas and possibilities for their own journey from me.

I am a bit stressed over it.  Mostly because tomorrow, hubby and I's 24 hour birthday camping celebration begins- therefore what I track will not be a "regular" week for me.   I will put a note into the tracker explaining this and my goal is to show that everything in moderation will still lead to a weight loss.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will work. :-/  I will certainly be making SURE to make those activity points to balance out my transgressions.LOL  I also understand that with tomorrow being Easter, probably everyone will be indulging a bit more than usual, which makes me feel less pressure...

CAMPING!!!  Going to be FUN!!  Happy Easter everyone!


  1. I know all about Flat Stanley, had to work with him for my nephew several years ago! The food tracker sounds interesting, good luck with it!

  2. I never heard of flat stanly? Thats awesome your doing a tracker! Have a blast camping!!!

  3. I do get how women in your group are amazed...130lb is amazing whoever you are...but if your a weight loser, then to see someone lose 130lb is so inspiring..I get why they chose you first
    Have a lovely time camping

  4. That was ME pointing at you! LOL Sorry to cause you grief... My intention was to see how a girl who has lost SO MUCH, goes about daily NORMAL life. How do YOU go from day to day and overcome obstacles and hurdles that I'm sure we share. Neither of us got heavy in the first place because we love fruits and veggies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. lol I wanted to see how you ate, so I could try to grab some of your ideas and make life a little more bearable for myself. It was completely selfish reasons.. lol I do apologize but I am FOREVER grateful for the planner that got passed to me! I was so excited to review what you had done all week that it has motivated me in a way you will never know.
    I've been battling the SAME 10 lbs up and down up and down for months now, I feel like WHAT a waste of time... AND MONEY to keep going to meetings and GAIN GAIN GAIN... then loose like 2lbs then gain again... what a joke! I gotta get serious.. yet fall off track again and again.
    You have sparked something in me and just knowing YOU were writing in your planner last week, made me track too! Then sat. I had a REAL loss... -3.6
    I'm hoping writing in the planner this week will result in any loss at all... and I'm excited to move more and WALK my dogs too! LOL :)
    You've touched my heart.. and you are appreciated!

  5. That made it sound like I had 10 lbs to loose... no its just battling the same UP AND DOWN 10 lbs... I have about 70ish to loose. When all is said and done, it will be 100 lbs down is my goal. You make me feel like its possible.


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