Friday, 15 April 2011

Would You Hire Me?


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Dear (Employer)

I am looking for a part-time position within your company that would allow me to utilize my certified transcription skills.

I earned my medical transcription certification in March 2011 through Kaplan University while maintaining a B average and a 98% accuracy rating.  Through my course work, I have transcribed hundreds of practice documents and letters that are of practical use every day in the medical work place.  Though my field of study has been in medicine, my proper formatting knowledge and ability to transcribe verbatim will transfer to many facets of the work force including legal, insurance, and basic secretarial work. 

For the past 5 years, I have provided in-home care as a Nanny for 2 different families.  Performing duties as a Nanny requires professionalism, dependability, time management, lots of preplanning, determination, patience, and doing it all with a warm, personal touch.   With my newly acquired transcriptionist skills and fresh outlook, I’m sure I would be an asset to your company or business. 

I have included my resume and letters of recommendation for your consideration and hope to hear from you soon to further discuss my qualifications.   I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you in person and will contact you by phone in the coming week.  You can reach me at (1-(XXX)-XXX-XXXX) or via email at


Ms. See C. Evolve, CMT


eMS. See C. Evolvef

My Address

My Address

Objective:       To obtain part-time employment as a newly certified transcriptionist.  It is my goal to work in an office or at home to transcribe accurate, error proof documents that can be used in the medical, legal and/or insurance offices.  Evening and weekend hours preferred.   

Summary:       Certified in March 2011 in medical transcription.  In course work I transcribed hundreds of documents that covered many areas of the medical field including but not limited to: business letters, chart notes, discharge summaries, history and physical exam reports, operative reports, SOAP notes, consultations, emergency department reports, radiology reports, autopsy reports, and pathology reports.  Other courses I excelled in include:  computer skills, medical language, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, professional development, and beginning, intermediate and advanced medical transcription.

Nanny (XXXX Household)   November 2007- Present

Responsible for 2 young children 4 days a week which includes wake up routines, meals, outings, diaper changing, potty training, nap times, “time outs,” school activities, and establishing a daily schedule that provides age appropriate educational activities (indoors and out).

Nanny (XXXXX-XXXXX Household)    June 2005- November 2009

Responsible for the care of twins which included, wake up and bedtime routines, meals, outings, diaper changing, potty training, nap times, “time outs,” and establishing a daily schedule that  provided age appropriate educational activities (indoors and out).

Education:     2011 recipient of Kaplan University’s online Medical Transcription Certification with a B average and a 98% accuracy rating.

50% of course work completed in XXXXXXXX Technical College’s Nursing associates program where I maintained a 3.0 grade point average. 

Graduated in 2003 from XXXX XXXXX High School, XXXX XXXXX, XX with a 3.12 grade point average, the majority of coursework met or exceeded “honors” criteria.

References:    Available upon request

April 12, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

I am so pleased to write a recommendation for Mrs. See C Evolve. See C has been working for our family for over 3 years and is such a joy to have in our home. She has been a Nanny for my kids and they adore her. See C has been a wonderful addition to our family and we feel very lucky to have been introduced to her. She has been in our family through thick and thin and has always been so dependable and supportive.

There are so many wonderful characteristics that I particularly appreciate about See C. She is punctual, extremely bright, diligent, professional, warm, patient, objective, and personable. See C is also very knowledgeable in various topics and so creative. These attributes are very rare to find all in one person, as we all know! 

I, personally, have watched See C. through the whole process of her obtaining her Medical Transcription certificate. Even through challenging times, See C. trudged onwards. Nothing would stop her. She is a perfectionist and also a very determined young lady. She would use any and every medical resource available to her so that she could get the transcription perfect. What medical transcription employer would not want that kind of determination in their employee?

In summary, my family and I love See C.  She really is the best of the best.  I feel See C would be a great asset to any employer or facility hiring her. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the number below.


Mother of 5 y/o and 10 m/o

June 30, 2008

To Whom it May Concern:

It gives me great joy to submit my personal recommendation for See C. Evolve.  See C. is an extraordinary young woman.  I have seen numerous examples of her talent, integrity and dedication.  It is my personal and professional opinion that she is a rare gem, and she would be a tremendous asset to any home, or facility.  We have been very fortunate to have See S. work with us in our home.  I have frequently been asked to submit letters of recommendations over the past 15 years.  Never has fulfilling this request come as easy as with See C.  It is my pleasure to provide See C. with the highest recommendation.

See C.  began working with our family over two years ago.  We sought an early childhood care provider for our then infant twins.  See C. exceeded our expectations at that time, and has continued to develop her performance in an exemplary manner.  See C. has skillfully incorporated her classroom and personal studies on early childhood development to create a fun, rich, and safe learning environment.  She is internally inspired to provide the very best care to young children.  See C.'s dedication to this course is easily apparent in her development to a Nanny position.  See C. took the initiative to seek and fill the "ideal" of what it means to be a Nanny.

I am confident that she will continue to succeed in her career.  See C. is extremely dedicated and I've already received great thanks and praise for my past recommendations of her.  I had one such mother who had grave concerns regarding her daughter's difficulty in developing rapport with others.  She was astonished when her toddler exhibited no stranger anxiety, or interpersonal fear.  Within an hour, she demonstrated a warm report with See C!

My family and I hope See C. will always continue to work with us.  At the same time, I welcome See C.'s blossoming career and I am excited for the infants, children, and family who will benefit from her care.  She brings such a deep love and warmth to her work.  She has blessed us and I have no doubt, she will bestow the same blessings on others.

It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for See C., and with great joy.  her drive and abilities will truly be an asset to your establishment.  If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Mother of Twins



Most of this has been copied and pasted from Word documents, so please forgive me if the formatting is a bit off.  But, if you notice any errors in the cover letter or resume, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!  I'm not sure if I'll submit the second letter of rec., it is older and pertains more to my Nanny qualities than my ambition to be an MT, but it would also show that I've been thought of quite foundly by my employers for the past 6 years or so.  I'll still need to write out a "Thank You" letter to submit after I recieve any contact back from the agencies that I submit all this too, but I think I'm ready to start sending the first part out.  What do you think?  Would YOU hire me?


  1. I initially thought of writing a jokey answer about how you could work for me any day but really, the seriousness ( is that a word?) of this post caught up with me. You ask a straight question....What do I think and would I hire you?. I think the letter is professional, formal, impressive and shows you are clearly good at what you do. The references are fabulous and I have read many references in my work life and you can tell by reading the 'warmth' or lack of it what people really mean. Yours are completely glowing and truthfully, if I worked in your field - yes, I absolutely would want to see you, meet you and see if the person matched the paperwork. Its really good. Very good

  2. Everything looks great! I am a little bit of a word freak, so if I would change anything, I would take "newly" out of your objective statement, but even I acknowledge that is being very nit picky ;).

  3. Yes

    love and light

  4. I would omit "lots" in the cover letter, otherwise, EXCELLENT!


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