Monday, 16 May 2011

I Ain't Skerd: Green Smoothie

Ever since the Lunchtime Inspiration people have been asking me about breakfast.  Breakfast is tricky because if you're anything like me, you wake up with just enough time to get dressed, put your makeup on, do your hair, brush your teeth, walk your canine companion, empty the dishwasher and Goooooo.  I love cooking and baking and spending time in my kitchen, but I already have a 5:30am wake-up call and just cannot make myself get up any earlier than that to make breakfast for myself. 

For a long time, I would eat a pre-made muffin or re-heated Breakfast Clafoutis that I'd cooked over the weekend, but they would rarely tide me over until lunch and working with kids and I barely can find time to prepare snacks for them let allow making and eating one for myself.  And so entered...See C.'s power breakfast in a blender!!

I was introduced to green smoothies a few years back, Pre-WW when I was rarely eating breakfast at all, and when I did, I would eat things like hot pockets and doughnuts and pizza.  Obviously, for someone eating all those processed, addictive foods, this smoothie really isn't going to seem appealing.  But, for someone who is interested in healthy, nutrient rich, and tasty real foods, this smoothie is where. its. at!  Don't let the spinach or the color intimidate you, I give you my WORD that you will not in any way know the greens are there in your mouth.  You will ONLY taste the fruit.  You ain't skerd, right?

The Recipe
2 cups Spinach
1 heaping cup fruit of your choice (I'm using pineapple this month)
1 whole banana
1 cup light soy milk
1 Tbsp ground flax seed (optional)
1 tsp extra virgin olive oil (optional)

As listed it is 4 pts.  If you choose not to use the flax or oil, it's only 2 pts, but you'll be missing out on some great nutrients.  Alternatives I've tried for the heaping cup of fruit: peaches, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, mango.  I prefer to use Silk Light Vanilla Soy milk because it tastes like melted milkshake and it's only 2 points for a whole cup. :-)  But, you can use whatever liquid you like.  If you're nervous about the spinach, add it a little at a time and taste in between blendings...  I promise though, the only way you'll know you put spinach in it will be because of the color!  You can pre-plan with this smoothie by packing your blender container up with all the ingredients except the milk the night before (as seen in the first picture).  When you're ready in the morning, add the soy milk and a few pieces of ice and let 'er rip until smooth!

When you break this smoothie down into it's nutritional value, you're getting:
2 servings of greens from the spinach (even though you can't taste it!)
2 servings of fruit from the banana and cuppa whatever fruit you use
1 serving of dairy or calcium from the milk or soy milk
1 serving of healthy fats from the EVOO
1 serving of omega-3's from the ground flax seed

And...if you pair it up like I do with half of a PB&J, you're getting:
1/2 serving of whole grains from the bread
1/2 serving of healthy fats from the peanut butter

Look how many food groups you're hitting all before 8am!  The volume of the smoothie will fill you up before you're finished drinking it and the healthy fats and whole grains will keep you satisfied until lunch.  Don't forget your vitamins and you will be starting your food-day off on the best path possible.


  1. I lurve my green monsters :)

  2. I sounds like it should be fabulous...I must try it one day.


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