Friday, 20 May 2011


Rode my bike 25 minutes to the gym, did 30 minutes of circuit training, and then rode my bike home for 9AP's!  WHoop!!  I can do ANYTHING!:-)

The gym (not the new work gym, the other one...), takes my weight, measurements, BMI, and body fat percentage every month.  Well, they took my measurements today and discovered that my BMI is at 28.8% which is officially OUT OF the obese category and into the "overweight" category.  I honestly could not be more thrilled!

I've been riding my bike everywhere possible this week.  My friend/boss bought a bike trailer for the kids and they have really loved being chauffeured around town in it.  So I've earned quite a few activity points this week.

I'll be spending tomorrow evening with the children.  The childrens' parents don't often go out on the weekends, so 5-year-old is very excited to have a "campout" with Nanny.  I generally bring her a movie from the library and allow her to pull her blankets to the couch to watch it after dinner.  This is a special thing because Nanny (me) does NOT allow television during the week while I'm there.  This week we will be watching a movie about recycling, 5-year-olds' latest passion. 

Wednesday of next week is the last day of school for 5-year-old and the whole family will be leaving early Friday morning to spend 10 days in North Carolina for a vacation with their parents/grandparents.  During that time is 11-month-olds 1st birthday.  So, on Thursday, I will be having a graduation and early birthday party for the children.  I'm very excited. :-)  I've already bought the decorations and ordered 5-year-old's favorite cupcakes. 

Other than that, really don't have much to talk to you about this week.  I always think that as long as you have someone to love, and something to look forward to, you've earned the right to feel content with the world and this week has amplified the notion...

Weigh in is tomorrow...  Can't wait to spend the morning with my mom.


  1. I always think that as long as you have someone to love, and something to look forward to, you're earned the right to feel content with the world and this week as amplified the notion...

    spoken like a true lover of life!
    congratulations on meeting another milestone Cole.
    that is soooooooo awesome!
    love how you love your mamma....and your little beans
    you are Light!
    Have a wonderful weekend

    love and light

  2. LOL just the title of your blog made me smile out loud because I knew exactly what you meant without reading it haha .. CONGRATS ON BEING OVERWEIGHT!!!! :D

  3. Congratulations on being overweight! I'm hoping to be the same too! (in time.) Enjoy your weekend.

  4. You really inspire me with how far you have come and make me think one day, I could lose as much as you.
    I love following your successes - it makes my day to hear you are doing so well.
    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant


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