Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sugar Cravings and A New Gym

I'm still battling the sugar cravings.  I'm staying on point, but my calories aren't always quality!  Yesterday I ate frozen yogurt for lunch, then had coffee cake for dessert (more than I really needed.)  Today I had a few bites of the brownie that I stash in the freezer for PMS emergencies.  Doesn't every one do that?  Maybe I'm battling an unusual dose of PMS?  I have an IUD, so my cycles aren't always easy to predict, let alone with all the weight I've lost and the changes that have occurred with my body.  Maybe I'm just not recognizing the signs?  Anyway, TMI probably.  Oh, and I also found out that 5-year-old has declared tomorrow "Nanny Day" (right after Mother's Day) and she is looking forward to treating me to more frozen yogurt at my favorite spot.  So sweet!  (<~~Punny and I didn't even realize it until I proof read this.)  Nanny C. sure does love her some fro-yo!

The good news is that the kids' mom found out that since she and her husband already pay a membership fee for me so that I can take the kids to the community pool, I also have full access to their gym and spa.  They live in one of those all-inclusive resort type areas where rich people who have nannies stay. ;-)  Just one more perk to add to the LOOOOOoooooooong list of reasons as to why I LOVE my job.  So tomorrow I'll be headed over there right after work to get my glisten (because ladies don't sweat) on!

Luckily, I'm still loving getting in my activity points every day.  I've been exercising about 5 days a week now on average (an improvement over 2-3 times a week.)  Some weeks are more, some are less.  I kind of go with the flow.  The days I don't exercise are usually because something came up to derail my plan.  Hopefully all that glistening will over throw the sugar intake at weigh in on Saturday.  After Nanny Day tomorrow I will make a definite effort to reign in the sugar over load and fill those points with some quality calories.

Tweak here, nudge there.  Which is just why I love Weight Watcher's, because it is a life style and not a diet!  Hope you're lovin' life!


  1. Oh brilliant - what a perk of the job! I hope you find the gym fantastic. Aren't you so lucky!

  2. LOL
    Oh you made me chuckle with you thinking out loud this morning Cole

    Love the perks of your job
    very nice!
    have a GREAT day!

    Love and Light

  3. What a great perk with your job :)

    I just stumbled upon your blog and congrats on your success! you look incredible!

  4. That really is doubly sweet. Gotta love kids! Which IUD are you on? I'm on my second and all that "lady business" is no longer an issue. Took about 7 years to get there, but I love it.


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