Sunday, 8 May 2011

What Pizza?

This girl over ate pizza?  ...Noooo...  She looks WAY to good for that... ;-D

Can't be mad at results like this.  ...Even if I occasionally still eat more pizza than I needed to...

This is another reminder to you ALL to take pictures as your journey progresses!  You may think you look fat now, but just consider them your "before" pictures!  You will blow yourself away in a few months when you have something to compare them to.


  1. You do look fantastic. I'm disappointed I didn't take pics at my maximum but I do have some taken of me in swimsuits that were about 10 above where I am now (were taken a few years ago) and those are motivation enough for me to keep going!

  2. i need to take more photos - I have very few now and nothing, almost nothing over the last 8 years. I must take more

  3. omggg girl!!! Your transformation is out of this world!! AMAZING!!!!!

  4. YOU

    So nice to see YOU!!!!!♥

    love and light

  5. wow.

    YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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