Thursday, 30 June 2011


Sure would appreciate some linky love from you all to see if I can snag another reader or two...Seriously- what am I gonna do when I get 100 followers?!  I'm only one shy! 

I'm accepting thoughts, questions, ideas, suggestions, and challenges.  You tell me!


  1. Yahoo
    I made you 100 followers rich!!!!
    not sure when I haven't signed in before
    your on my list so I guess that was enough for me

    as far as thoughts....attitude is everything, but I know you already know that
    and it is about lifestyle...not living this for only a period of time to reach your goal and then stop
    this is about love
    loving oneself enough to live out loud and from the heart

    love watching your evolution Cole, you inspire me!

    love and light

  2. Just came over from "My Journey to 150 pounds lighter"

    I put you over the 100

    Congrats on all your hard work, you look fabulous.....I too am on a weight loss adventure. Down 43lbs since February.
    Please come check me out!!!

  3. I also came over from "My Journey to 150 pounds lighter". Now you're up to 102 followers! Love your progress pictures. Will have to catch up on your blog later. :)

  4. Woohoo! I linked to you today too!


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