Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Happy June!

Well, the world has not fallen apart.  Hubby has not yet found a new job, but he is feverishly filling out application after application and I'm sure the calls for interviews will be happening any minute now.  In retrospect, it's been kind of nice having him around the house this week. I think he is trying to make himself useful and that has meant that I have not had to wash a single dish this week! :-)

I've managed to find my WW mojo again and have stayed OP for two days now.  That, coupled with the new job at the gym and a few boot camp classes at the aquatic center have my seeing my lowest weight yet on my scale this morning.  It's not official until the scale at my WW meetings says it, but I'm currently out of the 180's on my scale.  I think that the reason I was getting off track was because of my tendency to always push myself to do even better than I had been.  This generally leads me to a point that I'm holding my diet so strictly that it is not sustainable and I crash.  I'm proud of myself for being able to let go for a few days without binging ridiculously, and then get back on track.  Though I will admit, it was difficult to get back on track and I did have two false starts.  I didn't give up though!  I will never totally give up on myself again now that I have all the tools WW has given me. :-)

The new gym job is going well.  It feels pretty natural.  It's not the most exciting, or the most rewarding (compared to nannying), but it has been very motivating.  Lots of people see my awards on the wall and ask about my weight loss.  Usually I don't like discussing my weight with people, but many of these people are trying to lose weight too.  Many of them have a lot of weight to lose, just like I did, and are having a hard time believing it is possible.  When I show them my "before" pictures, they hoot and holla (these ladies are very southern, so they don't "holler," they "holla.")  It's been a symbiotic relationship- inspiration for them and motivation/reassurance for me.  I hope my "boss" can continue to work around my nanny schedule.

I'm missing the kids A LOT!  I spent several hours yesterday putting together our summer schedule of lessons, activities, and field trips.  We will be working on numbers a lot this summer.  5-year-old is reading at a second grade level, but for some reason is still writing her numbers backwards.  We will remedy that sometime between pinata crafting, movies at the cinema, swimming lessons, princess ballet camp, visiting the wildlife refuge and the children's museum and the recycling center, weekly trips to the library for story time and special activities, and a backyard Independence Day party for her and 6 of her friends.  Jam packed fun!

I know they are having a great time with their grandparents, and I've been getting a lot done around here.  Today we are beginning to paint the apartment back to the color we got it in (boring white) because in 30 days we will begin looking for our new home! Happy June!!


  1. Congrats on your scale success!

  2. Great job on the scale sweets! You are back on track to! I have the hardest time gettin back on track when i get off good job!

  3. I'm so glad your doing well!
    How awesome is your new job :)
    Sending positive thoughts that your hubs hears something soon

  4. Hubby has been really pounding the pavement hard here, too! I told him that if he is not making the absolute minimum we need on a monthly basis, he better be picking up hours at McDonald's. Needless to say, he has miraculously found more hours at the post office (his Saturday job).

  5. Congrats on being almost out of the 180s and finding your WW rhythm again. Sounds like a graet summer planned for your kids.

  6. great news....finding your mojo! Its the hardest little thing to find and boy do we all notice when we have lost ours! Keep tight hold of it x
    House hunting, I love it, I love looking, moving everything about it, such an exciting time, lucky you.
    Good old dependable WW, there to keep on track. Just keep on doing all the right things...Congrats!

  7. "I will never totally give up on myself again"
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the commitment to self here C.
    so so good
    your outlook and attitude is so is true, holding ourselves too tightly can lead to rebellion of some kind..just liek when we hold others too tightly, the opposite happens
    funny how we don't always apply that to ourselves
    so glad to hear things are going well
    hope the hubby finds work you I htink it is just around the corner

    happy June!!!

    love and light


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