Tuesday, 28 June 2011


A few weeks back I bought tickets for a two hour kayak tour from groupon or hubby and I.  I've been sitting on the tickets until a good time. 

Groupon just sent me a reminder email that I haven't used them yet and a light bulb went off.  I had SOOO much fun kayaking while visiting my family out of state earlier this month.  As soon as the WW scale shows me 173 lbs (the lowest weight I've been able to achieve on my scale), I am scheduling our tour!!!


But, to get to my goal I decided I really needed something visual.  So I ran to my bath room (where I usually post my "visualized weight) and made a post-it for every pound from now until my goal.  What I realized in doing this, is just how close I really am.  Had a done this when I first started, I'm certain I would have covered the entire mirror!

Now I'll get to remove a post-it everytime I'm down a pound.  I think it will be great motivation! :-) 

I worked my butt off in the gym today- did the circuit and Zumba- earned 9 APs.  Stayed mostly on track with just two bites off plan (honest, just 2!).

Tomorrow is a party that 5-year-old , her mommy, and I have been working on and looking forward to for about a month now.  It's sea creature themed and there will be 8 or so children, a few parents, and lots of games, food, and fun.  I'm bringing a Boca burger for the grill, "mommy" (5-year-old's, not mine) made a great edamame and veggie salad, I made a fruit salad, there will be a veggie tray, and these:

Sugar free Jello Starfish. :-)  There will be lots of other things, too.  But, I'm sticking to the things I listed.  And definitely planning on running around with the 5-year-olds for exercise (and a gym trip, too!)
I hope you all are looking forward to a GREAT hump-day!  It's all down hill till Friday! :-D


  1. Hello! Post it thing is an awesome idea!! Love love it! And the party sounds super cute. And now I want to kayak!! That sounds pretty awesome!

  2. What a brilliant idea, post its to remove all the way down...and a great trip when you hit that 173. Motivation, or more to the point finding the things that motivate us is definitely the key to this, its as much about self-motivation as anything, motivation to eat well, to exercise and not to do the wrong things. The good thing is motivation is infectious and you will motivate me....just by watching you do it!
    You sound ON A ROLL!

  3. Great idea! We need to do those fun things to keep us going. Good luck! You're looking wonderful :)

  4. I live the post its, you're so close to goal now!

    I didn't realise what I was doing had a name, but my body is responding well to the slight increase so I thing I'm going to zigzag for a while ( a week higher/week lower kind of deal)

  5. I have vision boards on my phone, in my bedroom, on my refrigerator - going to "steal" your post it note idea for more motivation too! Have a great time at the party - the jello starfishes look cool.

    Staying MOtivated MO

  6. GREAT idea
    you are so clever!!!

    love and light

  7. <<<going to get the post it notes and heading to my mirror!


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