Monday, 13 June 2011

Rookie Mistakes

My day was fine today, but I made a list of mistakes and BOY OH BOY am I being punished for it.  Everything was fine- got everything I needed to get done this morning, lunch time came around and:

Mistake #1 was eating an hour before I had to be at the gym-job. 
Mistake #2 was trying out a new Morningstar Farms product (sausage links) with my lunch.  Gave me a stomach ache. 
Mistake #3 couldn't be avoided- hubby took the car to his Kirby "job" which left me riding my bike 3 miles in 101* heat.  I was overheated and my muscles were totally sore and stiff from it (and still are.)
Mistake #4 was forgetting to bring a snack/ small dinner to the gym job.  I was starving half way through my shift.
Mistake #5 was assuming hubby would be home and able to pick me up and drive me home.  Instead, I had to ride my bike bake home- totally sore and exhausted and FAMISHED!!

By the time I made it home and walked the dog- my stomach was on fire.  Totally clenched up and the hunger pains had me doubled over a time or two.

I've never felt that way before.  Really like my body was shutting down.  Sounds dramatic, I know.  I try not to be dramatic, especially when I've done the damage due to my own stupidity.  But, I'm not sure how else to describe it.  I've eaten now and my stomach is feeling better.  I've taken a pain reliever (which I hardly EVER do), and I'm now a big puddle on the couch.  I'm drinking A LOT- though I've done pretty well on water intake today, since it was the only thing I had access to.  I feel feverish- a hot head and face and a cold body.

Because I didn't bring any kind of snack with me to work, I ended up with 18 DP's left (more than half my daily allowance) at 7:30pm tonight.  I earned 10 AP's today- and if you do WW math, that means technically, I had 28 points available to eat!   I'm NOT eating my AP's this week, but you see the dilemma.  LOTS of activity with NO fuel.  I ate popcorn as soon as I got home because it's my favorite and it's fast to make.  That gave me enough energy to shower.  Then I ate some Ready Rice (Uncle Ben's), 2 containers Green Giant Just for One broccoli and cheese trays, and cottage cheese all mixed up.  I normally would NEVER eat so many high sodium foods together, but I really want to rehydrate my muscles. 

SO, I did achieve my STSC goals.  But, not in the way I should have.  It was a list of rookie mistakes and I hope my body won't punish me for it for too long.  Tomorrow is a normal 12 hour day, with my food all packed, so I should be back on track. :-)


  1. Wow, what a woman. I don't think I could have done that if I had to. You must be in pretty good shape! Glad you're back home and didn't have a heart attack or a stroke like I would have done. I think you are just doing this so you will get to 20 lbs. before I do :-)

  2. Yikes - the heat and bike riding. I would have found a bus, but you did it and mistake or not, you knew exactly how to come back from the downward path and for sure stay hydrated. Here's to wishing you a better day!!!


  3. What a day you had! I wish I could ride a bike that long if I had to. Not there yet. I hope you feel better!


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