Friday, 3 June 2011

See C.'s Ipod

I think it's time for an all new addition of "See C.'s Ipod!"  I just updated it and I remember last time there were several of you who really appreciated the glimpse.  Please remember that my music taste is probably different than yours.  AND, that I was born a child of the 80's and therefore, what is profane to you, is common lingo to me.  Don't judge, Don't hate!  Just get your go get your glisten on!!  (Mom says girls don't sweat they "glisten.") LOL

Top 5 are my favorites for exercise, so go check 'em out!

1.  6 Foot 7 Foot- Karmin
2.  Runaway Baby- Bruno Mars
3.  S&M- Rihanna
4.  Take it Off- Ke$ha
5.  What the Hell- Avril Lavigne

Down On Me - Jeremih & 50 cent
Bleed It Out- Linkin Park
Dynamite- Taio Cruz
Fresh As I'm Iz- Bow Wow
Get Low- Lil John & The East Side Boys
Glamorous- Fergie
Harder to Breathe- Maroon 5
Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor)- Pitbull ft. T-Pain
Higher- Taio Cruz
Hot Revolver- Lil Wayne
Like A G6- Far East Movement
Lollipop- Lil Wayne
Look At Me Now- Karmin
The Other Side- Bruno Mars
Rolling In The Deep- Adele
Sex On Fire- Kings of Leon
Shake- Ying Yang Twins
Ayo Technology (She Wants It)- 50 cent & Justin Timberlake
The Show Goes On- Lupe Fiasco
Shut Up and Drive- Rihanna
There Goes the World- Lifehouse
Untouched- The Veronica's
You're Gonna Go Far Kid- Off Spring

Please don't hesitate to mention it if you feel my list is lacking in an intregal part of your exercise regime!!  I wanna know what you're listenin' to, too!!


  1. Great songs! I need to update mine again im gettin to used to it lol

  2. Rusted Root's Ecstasy. That song gets me moving!


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