Tuesday, 21 June 2011

STSC Out of State Goals Assesment

Just a VERY quick post before I rush into work this morning, but I got back into town last night and I wanted to show you my results and goals. 

You can read where I set my goals here: STSC Out of State Goals

But in short order:
1.  Maintain the loss this I achieved last week (Sat-Thurs short week.)
This would mean I would have weighed in at 174.8lbs this morning.  But fortunately, I managed a loss from all the fantastic activity on this trip and saw this on my scale this morning: 1.8lb loss.

2.  Exercise for at least 40 minutes everyday of my trip.
First night I got there I was only able to get in 30 minutes because it was so very late and I'd spent the whole day traveling.  But, after that I made up for it with hour long jog/walks with my mom every morning and countless hours kayaking.  Plus, I ran the stairs in my grandparents home a few times too.

3.  Drink only water.
I did have two glasses of unsweetened tea, but I completely avoided anything with alcohol in it.

So there go.  Longer post later on, but wanted to hold up my end and let you know that i achieved all my goals and even managed a loss while on vacation. 

If I can do it you can!  It's the first day of summer, make it count!

-See C.


  1. Excellent that you lost on vacation!! Good for you!! Better accomplishment than I did! Hope you can link this in this morning!

  2. Just caught up on the action here C.
    awesome awesome awesome
    you are doing GREAT
    you are truly an inspiration!!!

    thinking of you

    love and light

  3. Awesome!! Vacation loss!! you go girl!!

  4. wow ..your self-discipline is amazing ....I am going away at the end of July and am worried about gaining, you prove it can be done
    Well done, amazing result


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