Friday, 17 June 2011

STSC Out of State Goals

I'm am so VERY excited to see my out of state family this weekend.  Especially because many of them have not seen me since my wedding, before I started this weight loss journey.  I know they will be expecting 319 lbs See C. to walk out of the plane terminal, and I'm looking forward to seeing the confusion and then excitment on their face.  LOL
This was taken the day before my wedding in 2007.  My grandmother on the left of me has not seen me since then. 
Before I started WW, when I would go on trips to see my family I would have this niggling feeling at the back of my head that I was rediculously over weight and I knew they worried about me.  I was embarassed of the way I looked and felt sorry that they had to love me because we were related.  I know that sounds horrible, but I haven't lied to you all yet and I don't intend to now.  I just didn't feel worthy of their love.  I would also worry that the airline was going to make me buy two seats or that I would have to ask for a seat belt extender.  I would alwayslose sleep over it the few nights before I was scheduled to leave.  I never did have to, but the worry about keep me awake at night.

Now I have NO negative feelings about going out on a trip to do anything!  I know my body is heathy and fit and won't hold me back in any way.  The weight is lifted in so many ways. :-D

I do hope to set a good example for my family while I'm with them by showing them that there is no magic to my weight loss.  I just eat less and move more.  Actions speak so much louder than words and I hope they will see that. 

My goals for the next four days are as follows:

1.  Maintain the loss this I achieved during this short week. 

I will weigh in at 174.8 lbs (or less) upon my return home on Tuesday morning.  I will do this by tracking what I eat and over estimating when I have to guess.  I will stay within my DP target and will not break into my AP's or WP's.

2.  Exercise for at least 40 minutes everyday of my trip.

My mom is coming with me.  She is an avid runner and runs 5 miles every morning.  I'm hoping that she will let me keep her company.  I've never run with my mom before and I'm sure I won't be able to keep up the whole way, but just going out together would be so cool to me.  It would be a real bonding moment for me. 

3.  Drink only water. 

I will not succumb to the wine or adult beverages that will surely be available to me on this trip. :-)

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures.  I hope to be able to post while I'm gone, but I'm not sure of the time I'll have available.  I hope all of you meet all your goals for the week and have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Grandma on the left sure doesn't have a grandma look about her. It will be so nice that they will hug you and be able to put their arms all the way around you, huh? And the destination to running from 300+! You rock!
    Have a wonderful visit. I am sure you will be quite a happy sensation.

  2. Hope the trip goes well! Stick with that water!! Ignore the alcohol, it's not worth it.

  3. Have a good time with your family! :)

  4. What a present for them. A slimmer, healthier you. You are going to bless them just as you bless us with your words and encouragement. Enjoy your family and you will now that you know food isn't the center of the gatherings. It's the fellowship and the bonding. Have a safe and wonderful trip. I look forward to reading about it soon.

  5. Your goals for your trip are great! Keep up the good work and stay determined and you will do fine. You have worked too hard to turn back now! Nicole @


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