Monday, 27 June 2011

This Weeks STSC Goals

 Ladies...I just want to start out by telling you I REALLY love you all.  I could NOT do any of this without the support you've all given me.  Dawn & Myra especially, but all of you are really there for me when it counts and I just cannot tell you enough about how much that means to me.  Really...

Still not doing fabulously on the eating front.  But I'm aware and I'm tracking everything.  What I did realize is that I haven't set goals for this week yet, and I'm sure that will help me feel back on track.

1.  STAY WITHIN MY DP RANGE!  Stop all this over-eating nonsense!  I don't need a bite of every edible that crosses my path!  Get a grip, C!!

2.  Try to cancel out some of the over-endulgences lately with exercise.  I will exercise every day until weigh-in on Saturday.  I started today- earned 7.  Hopefully I will be able to get in my usual goal of 35 AP's a week this way.

3.  Drink like a fish.  Fill my glass immediately upon emptying so everytime I even think I might be bit parched, there it will be waiting for me.

4.  Go back to getting my healthy checks on  This means insuring that I'm on track nutritionally so that I'm not left craving crap.  Getting in the right amount of fruits and veggies, whole grains, etc. helps my brain see that my body is, in fact, well nourished and satisfied.

5.  I will spend time visualizing my weight at 175lbs at weigh in this week.  I know I can do it.

There.  We will start there and let that be the end of it.  I'm writing them out on my mirror to remind me everytime I'm in the bathroom.  ...Which will be often if I manage to keep my cup full. :-)  Wish me luck!!

-See C.


  1. Yup, Yup. Grinding it out when things have gone south for a time; auto-pilot; doing the next right thing whether you are in the mood or not. We don't have to enjoy this; we just have to do it. Thanks for the support over at my place and thanks for making me feel like I'm helping you. You have been diligent to support me and have taken every opportunity to say something positive and encouraging. Let's get back on the horse and finish up this trip!!

  2. If you have it on your mirror to look at every time you pee, it will happen! Seriously, it's hard to buckle down and do the things we know we must, but just think how rewarding it will be to look back and see the your pictures show. You know what it takes!

  3. Good Luck! I'm cheering for you!!

  4. You know you can do it! Keep up the good work.

  5. Awww.. thanks must know? I can't imagine you couldn't ......that I feel exactly the same. I can clearly remember the first time I came across your blog and your amazing progress photos and I thought WOW ...and went to the beginning and read every word. I honestly couldn't imagine I would have got this far on my own and I get such a buzz when I see good news on your blog. It REALLY matters to me x
    I have seen on quite a few blogs over the time a sort of nearly there struggle where the last push is really hard...possibly because the change needed lessens and it affects resolve, or maybe we privately fear coming to the end, in case it all goes wrong! You can do WILL, I know you will x


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