Sunday, 19 June 2011

Trip Day 2- Happy Father's Day!

Day 2 of my trip (yesterday) was great!  All the family arrived and we spent the day reminiscing and catching up.

Food went pretty well.  I am definitely starting to feel peckish because food is around ALL the time.  I have stayed within my DP's as far as I can estimate.  But there is a LOT of estimating going on.  My grandma (who is the cook/baker/grandma fantastico) tries to give me healthy options, but there is a ton of temptation to enjoy all the other things that is out.  Every meal is a 3 course buffet like on a cruise with appetizers and h'orderves, then the main course, the dessert and coffee or tea.  Luckily there are plenty of great activities to get involved in.  Like kayaking with my mom! :-)

I've also been walking outside (lots of hills) and hitting the community gym so that I can make sure to maintain my weight (or lose) over the weekend.  Water intake has been good, I'm staying within my point range without breaking into AP's or WP's.  And I've stayed in control of my urge to eat.  It's been a great trip so far!  My nephews leave today...

I hope you all have a fantastic Father's Day and get to spend it with the best dad in the world! :-)

Talk soon!
-See C.


  1. Lovely to meet the family through your blog...Hiya Mom, Dad and gorgeous nephews! x

  2. Glad to see your conscious of food and exercise! Great that you got the gym in and did the kayaking! My kids went kayaking last week too. How you doing on tracking and calories for the week?


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