Saturday, 16 July 2011

Creation to Creator

I wrote this several years ago and still play it to myself on days when I'm not feeling at the top of my game.  A blog friend wrote for me and I thought this might return the favor.  You know who you are. :)

Creation to Creator

You claimed inspiration in every desire
when you began dreaming of me.
You even knew the path I'd serve
before I came to be.

You planned, crafted, modeled and molded
a perfect masterpiece.
Then started me in childhood
to learn about bloodied knees.

You picked me up, dusted me off,
added dimples and rosy cheeks.
Then adolescence knocked me down
and heartache filled those peaks.

You shaped and contoured, shadowed and lined
each wrinkle and every crease.
Yet ended up with a woman, impatient with life
who quietly lacked self esteem.

You, Maker, did right in creating perfection
in all that is unseen.
Unfortunately beauty is only skin deep
in the greater creation of apathy.

But though I may be bruised, Lord-
though I may be scarred and dirty.
I hope that you'd be proud, Sir,
and still see the art in me.

See C.


  1. beautiful
    simply beautiful
    : )

    love and light

  2. Nice. We are also very proud of you. Keep going string. You serve as an inspiration to many of us. michele


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