Thursday, 7 July 2011

Deciding to Succeed

Ugh!!  Yesterday was out of control!  Well, I was fine until the evening, after that though, I just couldn't stop eating!  It was ridiculous!  I won't go into what I ate- the list would be too long.

What I am going to do is lean on the accountability I have with you all.

I have nixed my other goals in trade for this one:

I WILL go the next 7 days without a binge.

I WILL...dammit!

It might take all my focus, but losing the weight I have will not do anything for me if I can't manage to eat a HEALTHY amount on a regular basis. 

Wish me luck!

Today has been fine- well, so far. 

No, I refuse to think that way.  I WILL succeed because that is what I have decided to do.  I will NOT binge for the next 7 days...



  1. you can do it! I'm super impressed by your pictures on the side, you've come a long way.

  2. I know exactly how you feel on this one. You can definitely do it. I'm finishing day 6 right now and it seems to get easier with every successful day that passes.

  3. lol
    you can do it Cole!!!!

    keep smilen"
    love and light

  4. You WILL do it! I have complete faith in you. You are a very determined young lady. You look very pretty in your "205 lbs January 2011" photo, by the way (the background makes it hard for me to see the others). xoxo

  5. Binging is such a difficult thing to understand and to control once it has started. It's like an avalanche. I know how it feels and I know that logically we know exactly what to do and exactly how to conquer it but emotionally the pull to do this in spite of ourselves is so strong. You have such a strong desire to get to your goal weight that I know you will pull yourself out of this and pick up where you left off.

  6. You will do it too!
    I like your concept of leaning on our accountability. I think the huge success of blogging here is that we can lean on each other, and support, encourage and celebrate.
    Always here to cheer you along!

  7. I know how difficult this is! Just take one day at a time and if you do binge, don't give up your 7 day goal!

  8. You CAN do this! I've always had a tremendous amount of faith in you - and you've never ceased to amaze me. You will do this. :)


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