Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Deez GUNZ!

Sunday I walked a 5k with 3 lbs hand weights (5 AP's)
Monday I worked at the gym job and completed 5 circuits including power-half-hour class. (17! AP's)
Tuesday I worked the gym job and completed 3 circuits and a Zumba class (15! AP's)

Deez gunz (ignore the hanging skin)... PRICELESS!!

Needless to say, I've been working out HARD.  My body feels great.  Really strong!!  My feet complain, but that's nothing new.  I can really tell a difference in my arms though!  The definition of muscle I'm seeing is really promising.

This morning I did a little weight lifting with kettleballs (5-year-old got in on the action- LOVE being a positive role model for her! :oD), also some side crunches and a nice and easy 30 minute work out at the spa gym this afternoon.  I warmed up with a jog, powered through the rowing machine, finished my cardio on the elliptical and did some vertical knee raises on that big steel contraption.  WTF is that thing called?  Looks like a torture device...

Pampered myself with 20 minutes in steam room and a nice long shower afterward and I'm feeling really relaxed and refreshed.  My mind is at ease with taking a break from the weight losing mentality and I'm feeling really good about the decisions I've made this week.  I hope you're all feeling good about yourselves this week, too.  It's a fantastic feeling!


  1. WOW - so glad that you are feeling better!! Sounds like the decision to just work out to feel good and not be so concentrated on dropping the pounds is a good thing!! Keep it up - going strong - feel the power!!


  2. WOOHOO!!! Look at those arms! I'm glad you are feeling better too.

  3. Your arms are looking good! Isn't it great when your kids work out with you? My son is 2 and when I am lifting weights he will grab a band or a weight and lift with me, I can't help but laugh but feel good that I am a positive role model for him too!

  4. Those are some awesome looking muscles! I am very impressed.

  5. YOu are doing really well. I have been considering using the steam room. WHat do you feel are the benefits...?


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