Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Exercising with an Injury

Well, I guess it's more of a "condition."  Awhile back I was diagnosed with tendonitis- among a few other associated things.  I've had problems with my legs and feet since I was an infant born with hip dysplasia that required me to spend my first year in a bilateral spica cast.  (if you're interested, google it.)  Anyway, since then I've had issues with my legs and feet; the joints, ligaments, muscles, and alignment.  Most people would never know it looking at me, but I have very weak ankles, and my feet turn in when I walk, which puts a lot of pressure in all the wrong places.  

This tendonitis occurs on the top out-side of my left foot.  The pain pulses from ankle to toes.  There are days when it doesn't bother me at all, and there are days that I go to bed early just so I can stop thinking about it.  The doctor has given me numerous orders for wrapping it, a gel pain reliever, a prescription anti-inflamatory, and even a few rounds of cortisone injections.  All of them are only temporary fixes.

Has this stopped me from going hard?  From exercising with fervor?  From running and doing jumping-jacks and other high-impact exercise?  No.  Why?  Because the thing about tendonitis is that is doesn't get better.  Not the kind I have.  No amount of rest or R.I.C.E. ing will solve my problem. 

Today is one of those days that I think I will be going to bed early.  For the third day in a row now I have walked a 5k or more, and BOY OH BOY am I feeling it.  I decided awhile ago not to take the medications (the tablet or the gel).  If I'm going to have to live with this forever, I'd rather just learn to accept it.

There may very well be a time in my life that I will need to have surgery.  For now though- it is only one more reason to lose the weight and get to a healthy place...

So for all of you out there dealing with losing weight while contending with chronic pain, probably worse than mine, please know that you're not alone.  And that every pound you lose, the better chance you have at a pain free day tomorrow.  I'm thinking about you.

-See C.


  1. Wow - I admire you even more now. You have accomplished so much while dealing with this. So many would use it as an excuse but not you. You are out there riding a bike to and from work in 100 degree weather. What a woman (I think I already said that somewhere).

  2. This is the very very important matter for us. kindly consider this case other wise its very pain full for us.

  3. hope you feel better sooner than later C
    you are a trooper girlfriend!
    sending you much love and light♥

  4. I'm thinking about you too, C. Here's to more pain free days. I hope the rest of your week is good.

  5. Amazing!! Working out with pain has got to be incredibly hard!

  6. You are one tough girl! Super proud of you I hope it feels better tommorow!

  7. Here's to being pain free! Prayers for you, keep it up!

  8. Way to tough it out girl....hope it get's better soon!

  9. Wow, I know a small child with that condition....you're an inspiration for what can be achieved. Any form of chronic pain is hard to keep going through. Wow...( I'm reminding myself not to moan so much about being tired now )
    You always make me want to get up, get going and achieve more!
    Keep it up you motivate me just by being you


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