Friday, 29 July 2011

Just some Updating

I'm sorry it's been so long since I posted.  I just got caught up in the moments of life and I've been living them wholeheartedly.

I've been seriously enjoying my "No weigh-ins for 30 days."  I am sure I have gained some weight, but I'm not concerned about it.  I'll lose it again, as this is a life long journey.  I know there will be plenty of times that I will gain weight in the coming years.  As long as I don't let it get out of control and stay mindful, it will be fine.  I'm more concerned about how tough it will be to refocus!

Which brings me to a new program I am going to be trying for awhile.  I know you all know that Weight Watchers is my go-to.  I LOVE WW, I truly believe it saved my life.  But, the gym-job is rolling out a new program and my manager has asked if I would be a guinea pig for it, since so many of our members find my story inspiring.  I said sure, I would give it a try.  The weight loss "phase" lasts 90 days.  I told my manager that I would reassess how I felt about it after 3 weeks.  If I didn't like it, or if I wasn't seeing the same results WW was giving me, I would stop and go back to WW.  I will do a post about it when it starts. :)

Now for the bad news.  Remember all those aches and pains and injuries I have been having?  Well I finally put 2 and 2 together and saw a chiropractor who diagnosed scoliosis and reverse c-spine.  The scoliosis forces my hips out of alignment and I've been carrying around 30 lbs more on my right side than my left.  It also creates lots of pinched nerves that give me shooting pains or numbness.  The reverse c-spine is also a barrel full of problems.  So i will be spending lots of time on a traction table in the coming months to try and get it all straightened out.

Just a quick update so you all don't feel neglected.  I've missed you, but I hope you'll know I'm having fun living in the moment right now.  I'll be back to business after the dust settles a bit and tell you all about it!


  1. Happy to hear you are enjoying your "time off". Not happy to hear about your poor back - that must be painful!!! I am looking forward to hearing about the gym program...I'm hoping to kick my exercise into high(er) gear soon - you may just be the inspiration I need!

  2. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your back! Hope you get it straightened out soon. (pun intended)

  3. So sorry to hear about the scoliosis C....the good side of diagnosis is now you know what you are dealing with and can act accordingly
    happy to hear you are in a good place
    looking forward to hearing about this new program...
    isn't it interesting that this came to you in a time of transition?
    I love that about Life, when you surrender it gives...
    keep smiling!

    love and light

  4. Im glad you're gaining inspiration from weighing less, I'm passionate about the advantages. You generally sound in a very good place and while I'm really sorry to hear of the diagnosis of the problems, knowing what is wrong is part of the process of finding healing, so I am glad you're on the road.
    Its great that you're trying the new 90 days - mixing it about a bit does help and you're so SENSIBLE to factor in the get out clause because no matter how much you inspire others...this is your journey and you will make the end a celebration and I'm going to be there waving and cheering!

  5. I am so sorry your back is giving you problems. I know that is no fun. But, I am glad you are enjoying your time off away from the scale. Have a great weekend C!

  6. awwww man sorry to hear about your spine!!!! Definitely praying for you girl!! Let us know how the new weight loss challenge goes. There's nothing wrong with switching it up a bit..keeps things fresh. We miss you too!!!!


  7. My husband has just had two shots in his back that have helped with the pain. His pain was from swollen, bulging disks so don't know how that relates to scoliosis except that it hurts. You are a real trooper to keep going and not give in to it. Thinking about you--


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