Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Take Two...

So, I know I said I would write about the new diet- oh- two weeks ago or so...but...

Well, that just didn't happen.  I guess I'm not inspired to write about a program I probably wouldn't advocate to my friends.  The new diet IS "working" in the way that I've lost about 11 pounds in 2 weeks.  My biggest gripe is that their "vegetarian" menu is choke full of convenience items and that lunch and dinner must have a "meat" option.  There are very few meals that I can choose from that do not have some form of commercially prepared frozen meat alternative.  Don't get me wrong, when you need fast and easy, you can't beat a quick heat-and-eat meal.  But, if there's one thing I've learned along this journey, it's that I really believe that eating healthy means you actually have to COOK sometimes- using ingredients that were GROWN.  This new diet touts that it is geared toward the woman doing strength training 4 times a week.  Which, is absolutely me and then some.  I do know that I need protein to build muscle and lose fat, but I think that the amount of protein recommended is far more than most people need. 

I've plugged the new diet's menu into my WW tracker online and pointswise- I'm eating about the same amount of food with FAAAAAR fewer options.  Thank goodness this new diets' duration is only 90 days!  My coach for the new diet says that the idea is that after 90 days, this "new" way of eating should be a habit and that people will continue to make the right choices.  PUHLEASE!!!  My coach is also a size 0-2 and has never had a problem with her weight or eating habits.  It's hard for me not to roll my eyes!  I've been eating healthier for 2 years and still can't trust my "habits" without gaining!

Diets asside, I am LOVING my body lately.  I'm really seeing some great muscle definition and I was even complimented on my legs in the store the other day. :oD  Right now I am finding some way to excersize every day and also making in an effort to earn 10,000 steps a day.  I hate pedometers (I think they are all crapp-ily manufactured and reset themselves and are not always accurate), but it's good to know that on average, I'm meeting that recommended goal.

The move is this weekend and my house is TRASHED.  Boxes everywhere, stuff strewn about.  If someone walked in, they'd think a tonado had come through...  And, then weekend after that we're headed out of state for that wedding I've been talking about for months.  I'm getting excited about that becuase I will be seeing a lot of my friends from high school who have only ever seen me FAT.  I know I'm going to look AWESOME in the dress I bought (from Goodwill) and I will be sure to post pictures.

Off to the chiropractor before work with the kiddies. <3

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Back to the Present

Gosh- I feel like I've been gone a long time!  I know you're all sick of the "updates" post and are ready to be pulled back into the loop of my life. 

Time is flying by here and I've been working VERY hard!  I'll try to make this quick and painless so that we can jump back into the present without an hour long recap:

My Weight
For 30 days (July 12 to Aug 12) I decided to go "off plan."  I've learned a lot of new habits and I wanted to see how far I could get depending on them instead of the scale.  Well, the short answer is that I gained 8 lbs in 30 days.  I won't replay the horror of it, but I basically ate whatever I wanted in quantities untold.  Sooo...can't trust those habits yet.  Good test though, learned something about myself. :)

Anyway, this past Monday, I started the new diet plan the gym job is rolling out to the public as we speak.  I don't want to go into too much detail because I signed a confidentiality agreement with the gym, but I will say...I'm hating it so far.  I'm not sure if I'm just tainted with the WW mindset or what, but I'm now finishing the first week of the diet and I feel like I've been hungry for a year.  Also, this new diet is just that, a DIET.  You are only supposed to use it for 3 month increments.  So, obviously not a long term, life changing program like WW is.  And who likes to DIET?  Certainly not this previously obese blogger!  I'm sticking it out for as long as I can stand to, but I can't WAIT to get back to tracking points! :)

The end of this month hubby and I are moving.  He's decided to go back to school and so we will be downsizing from our 950sq ft two bedroom 1.5 bath to a 750sq ft loft apartment.  It's in the same community and all, we are just moving around the corner basically.  It's a place Bean and I walk by three times a day.  Unfortunately, these particular apartments fly out the door like hotcakes in our college town, so we've signed into it without actually having SEEN it.  Well, no, that's not true.  We saw one 6 years ago when we were looking for the apartment we live in right now.  So I have a VERY vague recollection of the floor plan.  Needless to say, I've sold just about ALL of our old HUGE furniture and replaced it this past month (mostly through craigslist ads) with different furniture.  I've replaced the couch, the coffee and end tables, and the entertainment center- and even the rug.  And that's just the living room. 

Speaking of Hubby, he loves his new job.  It's simple, blue collar work, for just about decent pay, and he has really fallen in with a great group of guys and made friends quickly.  He is like a whole new person!  I've known how wonderful it is to LIKE to go to work in the morning for years and now I'm thrilled he is feeling the same.  I feel like we are turning a corner in our lives right now with all the change happening.  It's exciting!

Last week, the dentist removed two very loose baby teeth from 5-year-old.  Her new toothless smile melts my heart because she looks so grown up!  She is not a baby anymore, now she is a young lady.  *sigh* Tuesday is the start of the school year here.  5-year-old will be attending Kindergarten.  It will be the first "all day" school she has attended.  We are all a bit anxious about it- though it's kind of silly because even if it's terrible and she hates every minute of it, she will still have to go.LOL  I don't think she will hate every minute of it, just maybe the first month or two... 

1-year-old walks now and is into EVERYTHING.  He is on the brink of his first words and I'm wondering if it might not be "Not in there," "No-no", "Close that", or "No climbing."  ;o)  He is definitely begining to understand phrases like, "Go outside?", "Want to eat?", and "Oh-no!"  He is also starting to gesture and point to things he wants.  He likes to eat food with a fork or spoon, but doesn't have the dexterity to get the food onto the utensil, so he will take the bite of food off of it and hand it back to me so that I can put more food on it. LOL  There isn't anything he won't eat, but his favorite are blueberries.  He also prefers now to use a straw or cup over having a bottle or sippy cup.

Because of school starting, my nanny schedule changes - I go in earlier and leave later.  This, and the fact that I will be spending 3 hours a week in the chiropractor's office for at least the next 90 days, means that it's even harder to schedule me at the gym job.  Can't say I'm too sad about it.  I'm not sure I'm still the right fit for that job.  It's changing in a direction I just don't see myself going.  Lots of sales and promoting.  I'm still willing to see how it plays out at this point, but I'm thinking it may have run it's course.  Life is TOO short to do something you hate!

So tomorrow is my only day off for 10 days, next week school starts, and I move into the second week of a diet I don't really like (at least for now), I'll be spending most of my free time packing this up for the new apartment or to go into storage, at the end of this month we are moving, and then 5 days after that we are going out of state for 5 days to attend a wedding.  Then we will come back home for a week before receiving my cousins as guests in our new place for the weekend of our family reunion.

SHew!!  I'm tired just writing it out!  My life is really going 60 miles and hour right now.  It feels good to be busy and I'm happy I can keep up the pace, but I know it can't last too long!  I'm really hoping to see my calendar clear up around the end of September and try to keep it that way until after the Holidays.  Can you believe they're right around the corner?!

Tomorrow I will be back to talk more about the diet.  I'm going to try as hard as I can to keep up with the blog during this crazy time- but you all might end up with a lot of really short post. :)  I'm going to try to get more into posting pictures again.  You guys have been so patient with me and I'm so lucky to still have you around!

Friday, 5 August 2011

CRIZ-AZZY Schedule

My program started with the Chiropractor on Thursday.  I will spend 3 times a week for at least the next 90 days in his office.  I will be doing decompression therapy, getting adustments, laying on traction tables, or spending time bound up on the scoliosis table (shown below.)  I really enjoy the adjustments from the doctor.  When he adjusts my back and neck I feel SO much better.  I can almost immediately feel flushed with blood and endorphins to my brain and spine.  Sounds dramatic, but it's wonderful.  I HATE the scoliosis table because it's face down and the legs move up and down, which not only runs my face into the padding, but the updo movement creates friction so that I end up with really pink cheeks.
Scoliosis Table- I do have legs, but they are low and to my left.LOL
I'm worried about how my schedule is filling up so quickly now with the addition of having to fit in 45 minutes with the Chiropractor 3 times a week.  School starts for 5-year-old on the 16th which will mean that I work 35 hours with the kids Monday-Thursday, I work another 10-12 hours at the gym job a week.  With that, I'm starting the new "Weight loss" program at the gym as a guinea pig on Monday, so it will take me time to learn about all of that.  So needless to say- I'm a busy bee right now.

My life is in such transition right now- and very little of it has to do with my weightloss journey.  Not that it isn't important, it is!  And I will achieve my goal weight of 150lbs, but it is very hard to stay focused on that when so many other things demand my attention.  It's a whole new learning experience to have to juggle my diet in such a busy time!  I'm hoping the new program that I will be starting at the gym will be easy to follow and quick to learn!  Wish me luck!