Friday, 5 August 2011

CRIZ-AZZY Schedule

My program started with the Chiropractor on Thursday.  I will spend 3 times a week for at least the next 90 days in his office.  I will be doing decompression therapy, getting adustments, laying on traction tables, or spending time bound up on the scoliosis table (shown below.)  I really enjoy the adjustments from the doctor.  When he adjusts my back and neck I feel SO much better.  I can almost immediately feel flushed with blood and endorphins to my brain and spine.  Sounds dramatic, but it's wonderful.  I HATE the scoliosis table because it's face down and the legs move up and down, which not only runs my face into the padding, but the updo movement creates friction so that I end up with really pink cheeks.
Scoliosis Table- I do have legs, but they are low and to my left.LOL
I'm worried about how my schedule is filling up so quickly now with the addition of having to fit in 45 minutes with the Chiropractor 3 times a week.  School starts for 5-year-old on the 16th which will mean that I work 35 hours with the kids Monday-Thursday, I work another 10-12 hours at the gym job a week.  With that, I'm starting the new "Weight loss" program at the gym as a guinea pig on Monday, so it will take me time to learn about all of that.  So needless to say- I'm a busy bee right now.

My life is in such transition right now- and very little of it has to do with my weightloss journey.  Not that it isn't important, it is!  And I will achieve my goal weight of 150lbs, but it is very hard to stay focused on that when so many other things demand my attention.  It's a whole new learning experience to have to juggle my diet in such a busy time!  I'm hoping the new program that I will be starting at the gym will be easy to follow and quick to learn!  Wish me luck!


  1. It will be worth it if you get results and the pain is lessened. Let us know what the diet entails. Hopefully everybody will pitch in with the housework, cooking, etc., so you can get a little rest occasionally.

  2. Wow you are one determined lady... i love it. You pack so much in and still do more.!
    I hope the chiropractors program works and the new eating plan at the gym too.
    Take time for rest somewhere and to nurture those you love....and sounds like the next few months are going to be exciting and different and fun!

  3. Life has a way of always getting in the way, doesn't it! If only we could make time stand still while we still got stuff done. I feel your pain!
    Sending you good vibes that your gym "guinea pig" experiment is a total success!

  4. Oh Cole
    I know you will so able to find your rhythm
    you are an amazing young woman
    whom I am honored to know
    Like Dawn wrote remember to nurture yourself and those you love to keep the balance
    learning something new always takes time....but eventually, we get it!

    love and light to you as always!

    ps hosting a giveaway...come by and check it out


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