Thursday, 29 September 2011

Good News!

Left: 7/25/11 before- mild scoliosis.  Right: 09/27/11 after- "normal"

Good news!  New xrays of my back show GREAT improvement!  In fact, my scoliosis is almost non-existent at this point!!  The pain I'm feeling is my muscles trying to get used to their new position, especially on the left where they are being pulled almost two extra inches! 

So, still lots of back pain, (really doesn't feel like just muscles, though!) but I went back to exercising today.  Only did one circuit and didn't really push myself at all, but it felt good...

Been eating right this whole week and the scale is a reflection of my effort.  Had a picture snapped of me today without me know that showed my whole body profile (from the side) and I liked what I saw.  I'm glad I'm hard on myself because I never want to go back to being any further from a healthy weight than I am now.  But, it's nice to be reminded of how far I've come!

I'm working 60 hours a week these days with the kids and the gym job and I'm mostly loving it.  Lots of money coming in to pay off my student loan and save for retirement.  But also enjoying some luxuries.  I've hired a house keeper twice a month because I just don't have the time to do more than tidying right now, and I don't want to spend the few hours I do find in my week scrubbing floors and toilets.  Hubby tries to pitch in, but his cleaning standards and mine are pretty far apart. :)

Been treating myself to a massage every other week, too.  Mostly because I'll do anything to make my back feel better, but they are very relaxing and luxurious.

I've started arranging for a week long vacation in November.  It will be our 4th wedding anniversary (but 13 years, just realized that's half my life!!)  Anyway, hubby and I have an active out-doors weekend planned and I'm going to take the rest of the week to do whatever the hell I want for a little while. LOL  Looking forward to it!

Lots of wonderful comments from my last post, and several of them asked for advice and inspiration.  It feels weird to think of my humble stumble to the other side of the scale as an inspiration, but I certainly don't mind telling you about a few things I feel I've learned along the way.

1.  Motivation and willpower aren't enough.  I've learned that most the people I know (including myself) who are or were obese, have forgotten just HOW much control we have over the food we fuel our bodies with.  Yes, I know that the voice to eat is LOUD and it NEVER shuts up!  But we can harden ourselves against it.  We can learn how to ignore it for longer and longer periods of time.  Start with an hour!  Make a commitment that for the next hour, you will stick to your eating plan and health goals.  If you can achieve that and your feeling brave, try it for two hours and see what happens.  Before you know it, the eating voice gets the volume turned down on it and the voice to get out and go and DO something with your life other than eat, starts talkin' louder!!  Even two years later, I still don't win every day.  I still struggle... A LOT.  But that's what has worked for me so far. 

2.  People who achieve their goals are not perfect, they are just persistent.

Force be with you! :)

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Set Backs

Gosh I put a ton of pressure on myself to be perfect.  I then get down on myself when I'm not.  WTF all or nothing attitude?!  I thought I'd already delt with you...

Truth is I've got a case of the "I'll start again on Monday" 's.

I've been allowing my busy schedule and worsening back pain derail my healthy plans.  Explanations or excuses, I'm not certain what catagories they fall into, but I DO know that I cannot allow them to become longterm issues.  I need to work around them.

I'm holding at the top of my "in the 170's" goal right now- without any leeway.  I am in the red zone and about to blow it!  I am not able to exercise right now due to the back pain, and therefore I will have to maintain my weight with my diet alone.  Which, of coure is VERY difficult for me!!

SO- I'm struggling right now.  And, it won't be the last time.  Right now I'm just trying to figure it out.  I know that I'm not the only one doing so, and that of course gives me strength.  Hope that for anyone else out there, reading my honesty here will tell you that you're not alone! :)

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Finally a day off!!

HEeeeeeelllloooooo *echos*(Helloo...helllooo)

Is anyone out there??  (outthere...outhere)

Well...I'm just gonna start typing and I hope ya'll can hear me...

Do I really need to tell you I've been gone and busy lately?

You know that already...

I dropped the gym diet like it was HOT two days ago.  I hated it for 3 whole weeks and kept coming up with more reasons I didn't like it.  So, eff it!  Life's too short!  So, I weighed in at my Weight Watchers meeting this morning, went grocery shopping this afternoon and will be happily back to counting my points on Monday.  YIPPEE!

I am going to try to maintain my weight.  I am not interested in losing more right now.  My new goal is to maintain a weight in the 170's for the next 6 months or so.  If at that time I decide to lose more, than I will.  But for now, I just want to learn to be satisfied with the body I have. :)

I like how I look.  I think clothes look nice on me.  I get lots of compliments on the things I wear and how I look.  I get flirted with a lot.  (I'm married of course, but it's nice to be admired!)  I feel like my body is strong and able.  My health is good.  I am happy with the foods I eat. 

People who reach their ideal weight aren't perfect, they are just persistent! 

Because I promised- here are a few pictures from the wedding!!
Me and the Bride, my best friend. Sept 2011

Me and my Best friend at MY wedding in November, 2007.
My mother in law and I.
My Mom and I at my wedding in Nov 2007.

Me and Hubby- Best friends wedding Sept 2011

Me and Hubby at our wedding rehearsal in November, 2007

Me and Hubby at Best Friend's wedding Sept, 2011

Me and Hubby at our wedding in November 2007.

I look great, right?!  I know!  That's what I said when I saw them, too! :o)  Hope you all are doing great!!