Saturday, 21 January 2012

Apple Ring Pancakes

Back story is that I received a nice apple corer for Christmas and I've been looking for ways to use it as often as possible.  I have been drooling over a recipe idea since I found it on Pinterest about 2 weeks ago and I woke up this morning excited that today would finally be the day I would get to actually EAT it.

The recipe only requires two ingredients, three if you count water as an ingredient.  Pancake mix and an apple.  Doesn't get easier than that for a hot morning meal!!  I used Hungry Jack wheat complete mix and since I was making a single serving, I had to just add water in a little at a time because the directions on the back only give specific measurements of pancake/water ratio for 6-8 pancakes and up- which is STUPID!! (( I'm so fed up with our label requirements for boxed food!!))  That of course didn't stop me from wanting pancakes though, so I got out my 1/3 single serving scoop of pancake mix and added 2 Tbsp Torani's Sugar Free Caramel Syrup a heavy sprinkling of ground cinnamon and added water a bit at a time to make a thick batter.  I cored and sliced my apple, blotted the slices dry with a towel, and dredged both sides of the apple slice through the pancake batter and dropped them into a hot non-stick skillet.  One flip and 4 minutes later- HEAVEN!!

I realize this is not the best picture of my life, but I was too excited and hungry to eat them to take the time for staging and all that business.  I love everything ABOUT these apple ring pancakes!  It's like healthy toaster streudell!!!  The apple cooks and softens while the pancake batter cooks.  The apple (and the syrup I added) make the pancake sweet enough that you don't need pancake syrup and that means I can eat it with my hands, which is a PLUS for me for my morning meals.  I don't often get to sit down and enjoy my breakfast- it is generally eaten on the go.  It was quick to make and super easy to put together.  I did it from start to finish in about 12 minutes.  I've already come up with some different ideas to try out (like PB2 in the pancake batter?!  WORD!!)  I wonder if this would work for a banana, kiwi, mango, FRUIT?  THAT is why I'm so excited about this recipe!!  So many great healthy possibilities!  Please try this out you won't be disappointed!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

"Herbie of the Week"



I told you all that I wrote to the author of The Happy Herbivore, Lindsay Nixon, and


She said, and I quote, "Xoxox"  !!!!!

Okay, so here is how it all went down...This is what I wrote to her:


May I call you Lindsay?  I hope so...  Your book has been in my kitchen for the past two weeks now and I've read it cover to cover.  I kinda feel like we know each other.

My name is C. and I'm on a two year journey to better health.  In the process, I have lost 140 lbs, and of course, dramatically changed my life.  You can see my journey here, but the reason I'm writing is to tell you that I received your book as a Christmas gift this year and it has really reignited my passion for cooking.  I'm elbow deep into the main meals, my freezer is stocked with "Lasagna Rolls", and am sitting here waiting quite impatiently for my first batch of "Carrot Cake Cupcakes" to cool enough to be frosted with the vegan cream cheese frosting you taught me how to make!

So, thank you, Lindsay.  For what you've done.  It really means a lot for a girl who struggles with a healthy lifestyle to be excited to cook and eat food that is nourishing to my body and my soul. :)


C. Xoxo


SO COOL, right?!  RIGHT!!

Anyway, that's not EVEN the coolest part because a couple days ago I get an email for her assistant (fancy!) asking to feature me in their "Herbie of the Week" post!  ME!?  Imagine that!!

Of COURSE I said "YES!" emphatically!  This girl may be a food addict, but she ain't stupid!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Happy Herbivore

I'm breaking blog silence to tell you about this book I received for Christmas from my SIL.

At first glance, I thought, oh great, another cookbook of sub-par "diet" and "vegan" recipes.  Awesome...

Hubby was actually the one to really look at it at all the next day (because it some how got left in the bathroom.  This may be TMI, but it is the truth.LOL)  He brought it too me and grunted at page 213, Carrot Cake Cupcakes.  I read the recipe and it seemed pretty basic.  AND, there were no animal products being used, which pretty much makes it healthy, right?  ...Well, it's certainly better than the GiGi's Cupcakes I seem to be patroning about once a week lately. ;o?

So I started leafing through the book.  Tons of pictures and all of them look GOOD.  Like...normal food good.  Two weeks later, I'm steam rolling through it.  I've made Lasagna Rolls as freezer meals, I've made Baked Ziti that Hubby liked, I've made a Seitan Potroast, and Broccoli Pesto Pasta.  This book is amazing!  It has reignited my passion in the kitchen.

This vegan thing has become a kind of experiment...  I meddled in it awhile back, but you all know I'm notorious for my all-or-nothing attitude with food.  I struggle with it everyday!

Aside from the vegan aspect, these recipes are easy to follow for relatively basic meals that most people love and give them an exciting new twist using vegan substitutions!  My favorite has been making "vegan ricotta" with firm tofu, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, and Italian seasoning.  It tasted great and had I not made it myself, I would not have noticed it was any different than store bought ricotta cheese.  Then when I start comparing the nutritional profile of the vegan ricotta to the store bought cheese, I get REALLY excited.

I wrote to the author today to tell her how excited I am about her book.  I hope you all will go and check her out.  Go outside your comfort zone with food.  Don't just try a new recipe, try a new ingredient! :)