Tuesday, 28 February 2012

How can I change this?

Today was free pancake day at IHOP.  I pre-planned to only get the short stack- 10 points.  But, somehow when I got there...I heard myself ordering an omelette and the short stack.  Damn.  My lunch today was 30 points.  ...I only get 33 a day...  I do have my weeklies, but I hadn't planned to use them.

Why didn't I just stick to plan?  I'm not being self pitying- don't leave me comments telling me to forgive myself and move on.  I am trying to move on.  And I think that to do that I need a better understanding about why it is so hard for me to stick to the plan.  It is self sabotage in that my eyes are so much bigger than my stomach (should be) and that food can be such an overwhelming experience as to make me order food with my mouth without any conscience recollection of my brain actually deciding to.

How can I change this?  How can I make food less impulse and more mindful?


  1. Just found your blog while searching for weight loss blogs. Your header picture is SO AWESOME!! I love it! Makes me excited about my journey. I just started a blog about my goal to lose 100 pounds before turning 40. Thank you for sharing!

  2. im not sure there is an answer. I have had a lifetime of bad choices! Day after fay after day until I got to 300lb+ I think what matters is that we did eat without the realisation of the consequence, and to live a slim, fit life we have to make mistakes and put them right and get back on track, a constant fight I expect, I haven't got there yet. Do i think there will ever be a day when food isnt an issue lurking out there? No i dont hink so for me, but Im hoping there is a solution I can achieve!

  3. Willpower - APA recently did a study about the effects of willpower, and how to increase it. Essentially, its like a muscle - you need to build it up, and it can be strained/overworked. Set small willpower goals for yourself and then reward yourself mentally for meeting them. On days when you've already had to exert a lot of willpower, avoid putting yourself in more stressful situations. Skip IHOP if you've already had to pass up free cookies at the office.

  4. Yes, I agree with Heather. In addiction groups they say to stay far away from temptation. Maybe when you went to IHOP you were not ready handle that kind of temptation. But it is like a muscle and you can work up to it! :) The fact that you are willing to get back on track like Dawn mentioned is a sign that you are working that willpower muscle. Weight loss is not a smooth road. (I know, I've lost 20 lb. of baby weight, but have another 20 to go. They say that closer you get to your goal it gets harder, but when I overeat for a day-week, I just keep trying, and it seems to be working)

  5. All really fabulous insights. Thanks for posting all this good stuff!


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