Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Aw Crap...and a recipe! ;o)

Ugh!  I'm off track and have been for a few weeks.  I'm exercising, but I'm totally negating it with cookies, cinnamon rolls, and cake.  I weighted in at 205 this morning which is 5 pounds passed my "ok" range.  I HAVE to get serious again!

I am excited that my original Weight Watchers meeting leader (the one that was around while I lost so much weight) will be making a comeback for Wednesday night meetings in September.  I REALLY want to have a '1' back in the front of my weight before I go to an official weigh-in and see her.

I wanted to share the easy healthy breakfast I've been using lately that I love.  Only 3 ingredients makes it so fast!

A hard boiled egg
a laughing cow cheese wedge (I like creamy swiss most for this one)
a tortilla wrap (I use Ole xtreme high fiber)

Mash up the boiled egg with the laughing cow cheese and voila!  You have a creamy delicious egg salad that tastes much like the creamy part of a deviled egg.  Spread it on your wrap and you're out the door...

to a step aerobics class...

no really...

Have a great day!

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