Sunday, 23 September 2012

Menu Planning at Midnight

Menu Planning at Midnight on a Saturday night. Yep, party at C's house!! This how I menu plan, with index cards that have the ingredient list and directions for each recipe. If a recipe makes more than one serving, the I write out the name of the recipe on a card for each serving. Not only does this method help me plan a healthy weeks worth of food, but I can also make my grocery list easily, use up coupons, and keep an inventory of my freezer and all the leftovers, so I don't get too bored eating the same thing for 4 or 5 servings/meals.

I'm working on a display board so that I can keep all my cards up, but as it is now, I just flip through them by day. I cook one day (usually grocery day) a week, anything else that's made mid week either has to be crock pot or pressure cooker. Helps me keep my sanity so that I don't feel likeIm spending my whole life in the kitchen.

How do you meal plan?

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  1. I haven't been here in a while, and might I say, you look wonderful! Keep up the good work!


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