Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What's Your Mantra?

I'm down 10.4 lbs for the month of September and I credit my success to a new mantra I stole from my friend, Kianne.  "Not this time."  Which for me has become an easy "motherly-love" answer to myself.  Example:

Hubby:  "Wanna go out for frozen yogurt?"
Me:  "Not this time."

Me on the elliptical: UGHhh...I hate the elliptical!  I'm SO bored.  I'm at 26 minutes.  That's close enough.  I can quit.
Me:  "Not this time"

Thinking "not this time," means that I could maybe next time, and promising myself a possibility of an alternate choice at a later date makes it easier to stay on my course right now.  I'm not saying, "No, I can't because I'm on a diet.", I'm just saying, "No thank you.  Not this time."  And that sounds a lot more like a healthy lifestyle choice to me!  The mantra has really been a Mom's (and Nanny's!) argument-ending statement to the war I have with myself  regarding decisions about my health and nutrition.

My step aerobics instructor asked me my name and chatted me up today after class.  We have a large class, so most of us only know each other by sight.  The fact that my instructor asked my name means she has noticed me there and has decided it's worthwhile to learn my name.  It's a good feeling and makes me want to be there even more. :)


  1. This kind of thinking is what has kept me from consuming countless calories. It used to be "I can never ever again in life have this so I better eat as much as I can right this minute". Once I gave myself permission to have it whenever I wanted, just not right now... it totally freed my mind up from that "Last Supper" mentality. There will ALWAYS be brownies and ice cream.. it tastes just like it always has and it will be around forever. I also know that those things are not conducive to weight loss.. so I save them for the future. Fortunately, the future has never come for most of them. And when revisiting some things I used to love, I find that they are no where as good in reality as they are in my head. Then we're free to break up with each other and move on with our lives :oD

  2. I basically have a tape of two things that run over and over in my head. "get shit done" and "Every. Single. Day." It is really helping. I am getting it done. And the every single day part is a reminder that it not just when I have the time or feel like it...it is every. single. day.


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