Saturday, 13 October 2012

WTF is "Moderation?"

" moderation..."
"Enjoy a treat...once in awhile."
"Have these foods...occasionally."

WTF does that mean?  Okay, so if "a couple" is 2 and "a few" is 3, what is moderation?  How often can I enjoy in my favorite treats without worrying about gaining weight?

Is it twice a week?  Once a week?  Once a month?  I need to know these things.  How often can I have a cupcake? or frozen yogurt?

I'm constantly offered treats and opportunities to indulge in treats and have a steel willpower when I'm on track.  But that gets old and eventually leads to me eating those foods and feeling guilty for it because I'm concerned I won't lose weight because of it, and that stress often leads to other bad food decisions.

For example, two nights ago I broke down and got frozen yogurt.  I put less frozen yogurt in my cup than I usually would, and less toppings on too, but still- it certainly wasn't all fat free yogurt with fruit topping.  Then last night, I had extra points pretty late and decided to have a few pieces of Hubs Halloween candy stash.  I ended up eating one more piece than I meant to.

I feel guilty over these things and I know how dumb that sounds.

I understand that in the grand scheme of things in the journey I've been on, I'm doing DAMN good.  But, I do have guilt over "breaking down" and eating these foods.  I know that at the very absolutely least of it all, I am aware of what's going on and I'm concerned about it and that enough means that I am a new person.  But being able to recognize these patterns naturally sparks my curiousity into why it is so and do I have the control to change it if I want to.

And so where I'm at right now is that I NEED you.  I NEED understanding of what "in moderation" means?  I am almost seeking permission from like-minded people.  How often is it 'OK?' to have these foods without fear of gaining weight?


  1. To me the key to moderation would be that you couldn't feel guilty about it. When we eat and then guilt ourselves for it we do so much more damage to our spirit than the actual food did. I think that if eating it would make you feel guilty then you can't do it. Period.

    That said, one thing about WW is that you can budget your points. One thing that I really liked about your blog in the past is that you seemed to really budget and plan. If you are still doing that...then you can plan a day that includes a sweet.

    But whatever you do...please don't call it a cheat...that kills your spirit. Call it what it is...enjoying the abundance in the world in a planned, purposeful way.

  2. I think moderation is akin to occasionally. Something you really want without over indulging (having more than 1 portion) in. As WW says, nothing is off limits. I think these treat things should be eaten no more than once or twice a week. If I have sweets more often than that, I can hardly control the desire for more and more of them, thus screwing myself up completely. After having something,I try to immediately go for a walk or do something else active to distract me from the fierce desire for more and more. Hope this helps.


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