Monday, 19 November 2012

Doing well...kind of.

I'm still on track and weighed in (at home) this morning at 179.6 lbs.  It feels pretty good to be back in the 170's.  My lowest weight since starting this journey was summer of 2011 at 173 lbs.  It would be a nice Christmas gift to myself to be back there.  I do remember though, that the reason 173 didn't stick last time was because I was feeling pretty deprived and ended up going on a binge for a few weeks...  That is certainly something I will try to avoid during this round.  We will see what happens, it is all a process.  And, I like 179.6 just fine, so it may be that I will just decide to maintain if I begin feeling deprived.

Several people have commented on my weight loss lately.  They are noticing that I am losing again.  And, the feed back hasn't been as positive as it normally is.  I have dropped about 12lbs in the past month, more than is generally recommended for healthy weight loss patterns.  A VERY large part of it is because I'm still grieving.  Food hasn't held nearly the appeal to me that is has in previous times of stress, and I'm going to bed with 2-4 points left over at the end of most days right now.  So instead of the usual, "C, you're looking great!  I can tell you've lost weight!" with smiles on their faces, I've gotten "C., you're looking very thin..." with concern on their faces...  I don't have any real intention to be losing this quickly, and I recognize that my current rate of weight loss isn't ideal.  That being said, everything I've read about grieving says that weight loss is a pretty common side effect for people going through what I am.  So, I'm just going to be kind to myself and see what happens for now...

I met with a personal trainer at the gym today.  Her name is Angie and I think I like her. :)  I have taken lots of group fitness classes that she has taught, so I'm looking forward to getting to know her better one-on-one.  Today we met to discuss my goals and history.  I have asked to focus on establishing a self-led weight training workout that I can learn to do on my own at the gym or at home.  I know I get enough cardio through step aerobics, and have free access to treadmills and elliptical machines, so I would really like to be able to work on toning on my off days.  Our first appointment is the 28th.  I will be sure to take some new "before" pictures so I can mark my progress. :)

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day with my Aunt and cousins this year.  We will drive to their home.  My aunt is cooking the turkey and I am responsible for the sides.  I will be preparing green bean casserole, cauliflower mashed potatoes, an autumn salad, and mini pumpkin pies.  All Weight Watchers recipes, of course.  I will share them with you in the next few days.  I hope you all have families to to spend Thanksgiving with.  God knows I'm so thankful for the outlet you all have given to me...

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