Monday, 31 December 2012

Focus for 2013 & Restaurant Difficulty

Last year at this time I was searching in my life for ways to feel satisfied. I had gained back about 30 lbs of my 140lbs weight loss and was trying to figure out why and what to do about it.

This year I am at my lowest weight (172 for easy fact finding later on) and attempting to figure out where I will set my goal weight to be. I have a feeling that I'm pretty close to it, maybe about 10 lbs away? Guess we will find out when I get there...

Focus for 2013?

To exercise more often than not.

To maintain a portion appropriate diet.

To appreciate my husband for what he does and not complain about what he doesn't.

To positively effect the lives of any child that passes my way.

To travel to at least one place I've never been to before.

So that's that. "Resolution" is too strong a word for me, set up my all or nothing attitude which will leave me worse off by next December. Just stating a few things I would like to focus more on for the next 12 months. Much less pressure!

Also wanted to talk about something that I'm wondering if anyone else is dealing with? With my sister being in town, my family has eaten every meal out for the past 3 days and I gotta tell ya, chicken salads are wearing thin. Yesterday for lunch we went to a seafood restaurant on the beach that I had never been to and before arriving I was excited, thinking that I could order some point friendly fresh fish and rice (a seafood staple in my opinion) but when we got there everything was fried and my only other option was boiled shrimp, which I'm not a huge fan of. Totally ruined my mood!! I get so stressed out at restaurants! I get so mad at my limited choices eating out. What the hell do they put in that food to make a recipe I could easily make healthfully at home into a calorie laden fat fest in their restaurant kitchen?! Anyway, I ate the chicken salad again, and it was good and I left full, but still angry. I excused my husband and I from dinner with the rest of the family and came home annoyed, which triggered a binge. I ended up eating way more food at home! I would have been better off just eating the fried fish but I put so much pressure on myself when I know other people (my family) are watching me eat. Why do I do that?!

Anyone else dealing with the anxiety over eating out, mad about the limited healthy options, and dealing with the pressure of eating in public?

Hoping to get some good insight. But mostly wishing you all a VERY happy and successful year to come. What will your focus be in 2013?

Again, been getting messages almost every post now from new readers! So exciting! Want to welcome BEE and Poochie Ponder's to my ramblings. So happy to have you here! Welcome!!


  1. Eating out is the worst. I struggle with paying the prices for food that I don't really want. I would much rather eat at home. I have found a few places that have meals that I will do...but it is definitely the same thing over and over.

    I once decided that I was not having it and I ordered exactly what I wanted. It ended up costing a fortune in "ala carte" items. ugh!

    For me I think it is so frustrating because I used to view eating out as a "treat" that didn't happen very much. So now I do much much better when I view eating out as a fueling stop. If I know that I will be eating out I make sure to have something really yummy and good for me waiting for me at my next meal at home!!

    It is hard.

  2. I like that.....a fueling stop.

  3. First of all good for you for staying with the 'chicken salads'; it's so easy to say screw it when you're out around the holidays. I know that menus can be super limited, but another really light choice if avail would be non-cream-based soups or chili (a bowl as your meal). But really I'm here to say Happy New Year to YOU and thank you for giving me a nudge this week. I'm back, shaking off the shame, and feel ready to get back to it.

  4. I do feel pressure when eating in front of others. And I also feel like people are looking in my cart when I'm shopping ;)


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